4 Tips to Develop the Best Karaoke App That a Vocal Training Startup Should Consider

The media and entertainment industry is growing with technological advancements. We didn’t find this as a surprise. A simple phenomenon that we humans follow is to earn and keep ourselves entertained. The most handy option to entertain anywhere, anytime, is a smartphone and a music app. If you are a vocal training startup looking for online opportunities or someone who is keen at developing a Smule app clone, you have landed at the right place. Herein, we have rounded up 4 tips that you should consider during your singing app development.

There are very few things that make people unite, and one of those things is music. Whether it is strumming a guitar at a bonfire camp with peeps to singing folk songs on festivals and at weddings, music is the one entertainment stream enjoyed by people of various languages, classes, and cultures.

In today’s economical race people have forgotten to keep themselves entertained. One of the effective ways is these karaoke apps, music apps, free singing apps, that give an instant mood twirl. According to news from Sensor Tower, the entertainment app genre worldwide has reached $646million in 2019 and is projected to increase up to 26% year-over-year.

singing app development

If you as a vocal training startup want to develop singing app, as a means of your online brand presence and engage more users. You can provide users with vocal coaches as well as singing karaoke. 

Such an app to record singing with music will be affordable to every individual who loves to sing but cannot afford a traditional training, and also for someone who wants to improve both their voice and ability to recognize notes. 

At Space-O Technologies, we make fully customized applications, which can effectively retain your online users. With a set of creative features like cropping, trimming, adding music, merging videos, special audio effects, we can make you a Karaoke or singing video app development. A one-stop solution for online users to make music, record their favorite track, and also to enjoy karaoke night at parties and gatherings.     

Before you come to a conclusion with the singing app online idea, we have found interested region where the “singing app” is used the most. South Africa, Nigeria, India, Singapore, Philippines, are topping the charts for singing app with music. You can consider targeting these countries when planning for the development of best singing app. 

singing app development

Now let’s dive into some important tips that can make your app like Smule, Vanido, successful and popular among online users. 

4 Tips That You Must Keep in Mind for Singing App Development

  1. Design your app with incredible colors and fun interface

    When you plan to develop an app, understand the purpose of it. According to the purpose, you need to curate app designs that can complement your app idea. For a music app or a karaoke app, trending colors with a fun interface can make your “karaoke singing” more relevant.

    When you think about music, almost every age group is going to listen to some or other music. For instance, an 18-year-old may listen or sing to trending songs and on the other hand, a 60-year-old may listen to retro hits. Make sure you create a user interface that can be easy navigation providing seamless user experience.

    The user should find it instinctive when using your free karaoke app. He should be able to record his voice on the original music background to apply video filters to share the voice with friends & family with intuitive in-app interface development.

  2. Integrate technological features like real-time visual pitch detection

    To become a unique singing app development you need to provide users with “pitch-perfect” feedback. With karaoke or vocal training lessons that you design for the app, you need to show the progress of their voice.

    To review their voice, pitch, and evaluate their overall progress, you should integrate real-time visual pitch detection. This is a vocal pitch analyzer, that makes the singing app more accurate and reliable when it comes to judging one’s performance.

    You will be able to retain users when they will get transparent progress reports. They will be able to identify their singing flaws, which will make your karaoke app development more popular.  

  3. A one-stop entertainment from singing with popular artists to composing own music

    When you are planning for a music app development, you need to provide a complete entertainment package. Some of the entertainment like:

    • Sing along with popular artists
    • Sing duets with other users of the app
    • Compose own music arrangements
    • Select any song of their choice and sing along the notations

    Expert tip: You can also integrate “Live Jam” which is just like going Instagram or FaceBook live. A user can sing live and jam along with other members online in the app. You can also facilitate users with an in-app community, where these jammers can meet on a regular basis. Thus, user retention and engagement in the app will automatically increase and result in online revenue generation.

    There are people who want to try and make their own music notes, and there are some who are interested in singing for fun through karaoke. Thus, your app can be the best singing app with such entertainment functionality and features. 

  4. Allow users to share their singing by integrating social media platform

    Think about this as direct marketing, where you are allowing a user to share his audio or video via your singing app with music. Sharing will make your app more popular among people. The connectivity of the platforms will bring direct traffic to the singing app development.

    Without spending money on digital campaigns or other traditional advertising, allow them to share on other social media platforms.  At Space-O Technologies so far we have developed over 40 video apps with different features. We believe in building transparent relations with our clients and thus, here are some of our finest photo and video app developments that you can have a look at and get an assurance of our work.

    Before ending the blog there can be more innovative technological advancement for your app for singing. Such technological advancement will make your app’s own niche.

    • Machine Learning: Depending on the demands of the songs among the online users, through ML you can suggest users with the same category songs. Using this data, you can use triggers such as uploading new songs of that genre and capitalize on the demand through a karaoke singing app solution. 
    • Facial Recognition: When a user records his singing video, you can develop Animoji with facial recognition. Using this technology, you can analyze different muscle movements of the face and mirror expressions through emojis. It can be a fun and engaging feature for your singing app development. A face tracking can also be used to make weird ears, funny glasses, and much more onto a user’s face while recording a song.
    • Voice Assistants: Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, can help your users find a perfect karaoke song with a voice command. This will provide more convenience and attract more users which in return generates more revenue.

Having a Singing App Idea? Discuss With Us.

We at Space-O Technologies, are in the app development field from over a decade. The over the night success of singing apps like Smule, has opened a new app genre to conquer after the Uber for X on demand solutions. If you are interested in knowing more about the technological advancement to integrate with your vocal app, we are just a call away. 

If you have any query or confusion regarding app like Smuel development cost, singing app development timeline, iOS app development services, you can get in touch with us. Fill up a simple contact us form with all your requirements. Our sales representatives will get back to you with an apt mobile app solution. The consultation is absolutely free.

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