How Simply Redesign An App like Instagram Can Suddenly Grow App Downloads


Instagram’s old-school icon has changed. Instagram’s app is also getting a redesign with a wonderful and colorful new icon for its main application.

Not only Instagram but also YouTube is introducing new versions of its iOS and Android apps with smarter video recommendations and a redesigned home tab. Changing anything or app redesign concept get a lot of people talking.

It was found that 70% of reviews got two stars or less rating while 30 were positive.

Overall, Instagram rating carry 86% positive sentiment. Some commonly mentioned terms among the negative reviews are a new update, hate, ugly, logo, new icon and so on.

In spite of the negative review, Instagram’s U.S. rank improved by two positions from No. 7 to No. 5 within 24 hours in all categories for iPhone. What’ the reason? It might be the staggering volume of media coverage or word-of-mouth marketing about Instagram app redesign.

Check this graph:




Is it necessary to redesign App like Instagram, or YouTube for more downloads?

Yes. It is compulsory to redesign app frequently to grab users’ attention. But, many of you have a question ‘when is the right time to redesign an app?’

Many issues could come up that forces app owner to redesign app like Twitter. Like browsing the internet develops habitual behaviors. Say for example – if you are doing a certain thing in the same way in every app and you can’t able to figure out instantly at your app, then your app will drop.

Oversights in the original design also is an ordinary issue that occurs when you are working on the new projects or using data to check out the problems in the user behavior. Sometimes, getting bad guest comments also force you to redesign an application.

An app can also be redesigned when you want to include common features of top earning mobile applications. Importantly, you must change app icon to engage users and maintain the attractiveness of an application.

Why is the app being redesigned?

Sometimes, we hadn’t noticed that our app may have fallen behind as technology advances. One of the most important signs is that the platforms an app is designed doesn’t engage or have user-friendly features. That means you should use location-based feedback or improved microphone input when to redesign your application.

Having a new feature is not for engagement, it should be used properly. Ensure to add features that are necessary, not overburden. The redesign also should hold some old features as users always looking for some old things to stay on that app.

The Main Goal: Structure the Same Features like Your Website

Have you added the new features to your website, but forget to add in your app? That creates the wrong impression. When you are redesigning a website, you should redesign app as well. The redesigning of application should be based one external data.

Important Lesson to Learn from Redesigning an eCommerce app

• Set the clear priorities for information on single screen

There were total nine elements that we have to evaluate when redesigning member profiles. However, if you want to consider a single tip then this is the one. Take an example of Vinted app, which is about clothes and fashion. Here, they have selected the key elements, i.e. clothes that place them front and center.

The rest information was simplified, combined and moved to the header and separated from the item list. It improves user experience and allows them to focus on the main content. It creates the high probability for the transaction that ultimately enhances user experience.

• Visible Call to action buttons on the screen

It’s always good to have a sticky call to action button and it must visible on the screen. It’s even better to have a big button with red color. When evaluating app like Amazon, developers should focus on the single important goal to increase the sale.

It is advisable to place action button right below the photos of the clothes to keep user’s focus on the content. The button should stick to the top and remain visible all the time when the user is scrolling.

• Reduce number of steps for users to reach the content

When designing eCommerce application, ensure to design the catalog that allows users to purchase anything with just a few steps. Users are not interested in accessing smart categories tree, they want to see the content and maybe like to narrow it down.

Let’s take an example of Vinted app that has a six-level deep hierarchy of clothes’ catalog. It shows items to the users within two taps only. They have created an iconic grid of categories that led directly to the item listing within the selected category. After many repetitions, the final solution enables users to navigate deeper through the drop-down in the navigation bar.

• Short Signup Form

Users instantly tired when seeing a long signup form. Instead, offer them signup through social media accounts or guest login. Try to ask important information and allows users to purchase even without he/she doesn’t complete the entire profile.

Apart from this, your iOS application should have navigation on the left side and actions on the right side. If possible, offer them chat option through an app. Having a social media icon is an add-on.

How to Redesign Mobile App?

Space-O Technologies, custom iPhone app development company, has a team of mobile app developers, who have redesigned apps of different categories. It’s not easy to change or redesign an app. The fact is you are replacing the old one with the entirely new design, not just building another app. There are two easy ways to redesign an application, i.e.

(1) Redesign the ‘offline’ copy of your app

Save the copy of the live app in the app dashboard with another name. The copied application is the application you are going to redesign. Start redesigning the copied app and see the changes with the app previewer.

Mobile app developers can create many copies at once and show several redesign to the client. It is advisable to avoid updating the live app while implementing the new design. When everything is done, just go to the publish tab in the CMS, make new screenshots replace with the old one.

The redesign means a content update and design changes. Once, developers add new functionality, a Store update takes around 8-10 days for iOS and 2days for Android and Windows.

(2) Redesign the live app

If you don’t want to waste time in implementing the redesign a second time, then you could redesign live app. It’s the best option when you don’t update an app regularly and when you have only some days or weeks to redesign an app.

To be safe from your side, make a copy of the live app. it helps when you want to show more than two designs to your client. Redesigning a live app doesn’t allow you to update an application during the design process. By clicking on ‘update’ to a live app affects all the app users since all changes are visible.

To become one of the top apps, it is best to update your app weekly if your task of redesigning should be finished within a week. If you have a weekly menu or a news app with daily updates, then it’s best option to redesign a copy of a menu or news application first. Redesign anything you want, but not to update an application before it finished.

Whether you want to redesign photo app or any other type of application, you must have to hire an iPhone app developer. There are many social networking applications like YouTube and Twitter redesigned their app to grab users’ attention and get more App Store downloads.

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