‘Shuffle’ Disposable Phone No & Emails with iPhone Apps


How often do you share your phone number and email address to a random person or on an unknown website?
Will you be sharing your contact details with others you’ve just met?
The answer would mostly be ‘NO.

Moreover it’s unusual to have more than one phone number. Sharing your personal contact details to anonymous website or person for any reason, is a bit risky, these days. That’s when the need for an alternative number and email arises.

Do you often visit US or Canada for business?
Are you looking for a smart communication app, which gives its users access to multiple numbers on a single device?

Your search ends here with the ‘Shuffle’, an iPhone app (Available in the United States and Canada only) & it’s interesting that a simple iPhone app helps you manage your business and social life separately.

What was the idea behind its creation?

The founder of the Shuffle app, Mr. Craig Collett wanted to protect the users’ privacy by providing multiple disposable phone numbers and email aliases on a single device, managed with the tap of a button. His passion and vision for this innovation helped him in presenting Shuffle to the public, adding a feature of creating email aliases and disposable numbers.
Burner app has already been in the market and has been able to help people by letting them create multiple and virtual phone numbers. The drawback of this app of allowing users creating email aliases was considered as one of the prime feature by Craig.

With that, the Shuffle app was launched for iPhone and it entered the market as a competitor to a longtime favorite Burner. But Shuffle is way ahead of Burner because of its amazing features of disposable contacts and added email aliases.

‘Shuffle’ with ease

Shuffle allows you creating multiple aliases and managing business and social aspects separately. Check out the amazing features below:

1) Don’t carry multiple devices
Shuffle allows you to create multiple numbers and emails on a single device to manage several of your business needs, just a touch away. Shuffle allows you to create email aliases and forwards your email to the main mail box. This is where this app takes things further than Burner. Burner doesn’t allow you to create the email which is equally important, while registering to some websites like Craigslist, Dating websites, Job Search, etc.

2) Protecting Privacy
The founder Craig Collet wanted to protect users’ privacy which is why he added email pseudonym option. “Individuals have the need to protect their personal privacy and keep business and social aspects of their life separated”, he added.

3) And it’s Disposable Too!
Adding the “disposable feature” makes this app a really prominent one. Apart from adding privacy, it also protects the users from spammers and marketers. If a phone number or email has been compromised with, just delete it.

Where can you use this app?

    • Home Business – Create a separate image for every different business
    • Dating Services – Share a Shuffle number to connect
    • Classified/Ads – No need to share your personal number online
    • Social Networking – Protect yourself from potential abuse
    • Local Number – For those who travel a lot. Get a local number and for cheaper communication rate

How does the Shuffle App beat the Burner App?

Here’s a quick glance on how Shuffle stands ahead of Burner

Allows creating Email aliasesDoesn’t allow creating Email aliases

Shuffle Burner
Disposable email and numbers for your clients in different states Can’t delete aliases
Shuffle – 2 – Shuffle Free* No such feature yet
Allows creating Local numbers Doesn’t support creating local numbers
Transparent Pricing Model with fixed fees Needs purchasing in packs of three and up with ‘credit’ model

What about Shuffle for Android?

As said by Craig himself, an Android version is under construction and it will be launched on Google Play Store in early 2015. It’s available for free download on iTunes now.

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