Should You Invest in Real Estate Mobile App Development to Lead in Online Real Estate Space?


87% of buyers recently purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker and 68% of new home shoppers prefer agents, from a mobile app. Yes, that’s true from a real estate mobile app. So, it is a must for real estate brokers/agents to have apps for real estate business, to find listings and take a virtual tour from the app itself. Talk about disruptive. Previously, home and office-seekers were finding problems in communicating with agents, as they had to drive for hours to reach their place and get into the deal.

Why do most of the realtors believe technology could help them grow real estate business, this year?…Well the statistics says it all!
In recent years, mobile searching activity for the property has quadrupled, and this year, mobile searching is projected to overtake searching via a desktop computer completely. The below statistics would make it clearer.real_estate

However now, the realtor mobile application can do a lot of things for realtors from finding a listing, to show turn-by-turn GPS directions, send an instant notification, and much more.

Startups in the Real Estate Space have been seeing a lot of actions

Kolabro, a technology platform for real estate brokers, has raised seed funding for a secret amount in angel funding. The startups would use the funding to fortify its technology and marketing capability and expand its services into more cities.

Biju Menon, co-founder of Gurgaon-based, Kolabro, told, “For brokers, we are a great way of staying relevant in an industry where well-funded, large format broking firms have been posing a threat to small brokers. Also, this model gives a voice to the consumer which was much needed in this industry”.

HeyPillow is an another online real estate marketplace that has raised $3 million in Series A funding from Hampton Capital. Currently, HeyPillow is available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi-NCR and Pune with more than 15,000 commercial and residential listings. This latest launched platform is set to fill the gaps in an existing online real-estates and names like, Magic Bricks as its competitor.

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How Property Buyers Use Mobile Devices?

Let’s understand through this graph. The study states that mobile new home shoppers deliver an additional source of qualified leads for Realtors. With the below-given graph, one can easily know that how buyers are using mobile devices as the part of their home searching procedure.
graph_newAren’t these real estate mobile device usage stats surprising?
Studies prove that Property-buyers research on the move. Surprisingly, 77% of these mobile searches are conducted at home and 31% at work (locations where desktop and laptop computers are more than likely available.)

How to Target Users and Boost Real Estate Sales in their Digital Era?

#1. Be Accessible Online
We are living in the fastest and digital world. It is obvious we want to do our work instantly. Likewise, today, property purchasers are also searching for home quickly, easily and on the move. There are some stats that tell 120% increase of real estate-related searches are conducted through smart devices and this trend grows continues.

Presently, consumers respond more to visual media than to written information and among all, video listings are considered as the most popular one. Do you know real estate listings with videos attract 403% more inquiries?

#2. Increase your User-base
It is essential to order the information online properly to enable search process. Zillow enables users to narrow the search parameters within specific street and neighborhood. It’s probably hard for real estate agents to beat, but not impossible.

In order to beat today’s real estate competition and remain competitive, ensure to have visually appealing, and well-managing mobile application.

#3. Stay Organized with Mobile Application
Real estate agents have several listing online and thus, it is essential for them to have a well-organized application. Having a proper application enables your clients to filter results according to the parameters that they have set – location, price, the number of rooms, etc.

Realtors can update client preferences and can also manage all backups to the cloud. With an application, managing listings & sales leads, protecting data and client information become easy. This will help preserve the competitive edge.

#4. Responsive Websites vs. Real Estate Apps
A responsive website is must to make it compatible with every device being used. Google is trying to put mobile users first.
No doubt, these type of website is ideal for some industries and google ranking, but not for real estate companies. shrinking down the website size results into a bad user experience. Thus, a real estate mobile application is essential for utmost marketing outcomes.

Having best real estate app helps real estate brokers and agents to make easy for their visitors to search information that they are seeking. The best property search mobile application for real estate companies accommodates above-given needs that specified in the graph.

Real estate mobile applications enable users to find and view everything, no matter what size screen they are using.

How Much is too Much?

The more buttons presented to the users at one time, the more difficulty they face, especially the first time users. Ensure to have 6-7 buttons – Click to Call, Social Sharing, About, Property Search, Details Page, and Highlights.

An app should be able to communicate with GPS. If it doesn’t it will be useless. One of our real estate mobile app that provide a list of features is RELMS. Real Estate License Management System (RELMS) is developed by Space-O Technologies to track and maintain sales or broker license in Florida. Some great features you will get in this application are:

  • Track your license expiration (countdown)
  • Track status of real estate license (updates automatically)
  • Complete and process the state-required 14-hour continuing education renewal (ONLY $14.99)
  • Renewal payment hotline
  • License renewal guidance

A must-need mobile app for real estate agents in Florida. This is absolutely the easiest and most affordable way to maintain your license!” – Cameron Academy of Real Estate

Space-O is Your Primary Real Estate App Development Partner

We have much-admired real-estate app builder, who have developed a similar application like field work applications. We are totally moving to Swift and thus, developing every iPhone application with Swift programming language. We do also have the expertise of developing ‘app like Airbnb’ that can easily access to iOS and Android platform along with Apple Watch and tvOS too. Some of our recent projects for real estate app development are:

Urbania application enables to search property without any restrictions. Search apartments, land, building, projects, offices for sale or for rent.

Quintessential application gives you an immediate insider access to exclusive travel deals for destinations in Myanmar(Burma).

Putting it all together…

These facts and figures might be able to decide on the question or whether to invest or not for real estate mobile app development. If you are thinking to create real estate app to create the strongest communication channel, then Space-O Technologies has a strongest and experienced team of real estate developers, who develop apps that your visitors would love to use on their mobile device.

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