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You are aware that modern data is vast, unstructured as well as complicated. Now, imagine trying to store, process and finally analyze this data. Seems impossible, does it? To make the impossible possible, NoSQL was developed. With this, you can gather real time analytics data for unstructured as well as complicated data.

MongoDB is one such next generation NoSQL database using which you can create incredible applications. This is basically a document database which helps you achieve high performance, availability and scalability. This leads the NoSQL database for quite a few reasons.

There has been a surge in the NoSQL database mainly because of the MEAN software stack. MEAN stack is basically a collection of JavaScript technologies which are majorly used in developing applications. MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.JS. This full stack Javascript runs across client, server as well as the database, thus giving you depth in handling unstructured data.

You can handle millions of requests and deliver the needful with ease if you are using the MEAN stack. LinkedIn has been using the Node.js for a while for its mobile app. Let’s understand how MEAN stack is useful across clients, servers and database with this example.

With this stack solution LinkedIn was able to reduce server count by 90% (from 30 to 3) while delivering results 20% faster as compared to earlier. In fact this stack solution is being used by major countries globally which include- Metlife, ADP, The Weather Channel, Bosch, Expedia and others.

When you are planning on developing applications, you need frameworks or platforms that suit every need. MongoDb with its delectable range of features help you raise to the challenges of developing new applications, while giving out seamless data transfer across client, server and database.

The Extensive & Rich Features of MongoDB

Stores Large Volume of Unstructured Data

MongoDB has moved on from the relational databases, which used to store large volumes of structured data. But, there is a huge set of unstructured data that needs to be nurtured and added. With NoSQL database like MongoDb, you can easily add the different types of data to suit your needs; there are no limits set on adding or structuring the unstructured data. The data gets stored as JSon binary data points at a single place. You don’t need to specify the data type in here. MongoDb is highly flexible and document based NoSQL structure.

Improved Speed/Scaling

In case of NoSQL database, the related data is segmented together within the documents. This way the queries run faster as compared to the relational database, where related data is segregated into multiple tables, and are then related at a later stage. With MongoDb you can easily scale into your database. With auto-sharding you can scale your cluster in a linear format by just adding a few more machines.

You can increase your capacity without facing any sort of downtime in such database structure. This is a very important feature for a web application where generally increase in load means delayed loading time, and increased maintenance costs. You can even spread the data across different hardware channels on site or on the cloud without the need for additional software.

Easy Development & Release

If you want to make quick iterations or you wish to update your database frequently, without facing downtime, a relational database is not something you would want to tune into. MongoDB’s dynamic schemas help roll out new things faster and in a better way. You don’t need to prepare your data for this purpose, and you can incorporate anything new at anytime without adding up the cost.

Easy Cloud Integration

When it to storing your data on the cloud, you will see that it is the most cost effective solution. But, it requires you to include data in multiple servers for better scalability. With MongoDB you can easily pile in a huge volume of data; the NoSQL database also adds flexibility and availability within the cloud based environment along with built in sharing solutions which ease out partitions while pushing the data across multiple servers.

Geo Specific Data Analytics

You are in need of location specific analytics, and MongoDB apps development with MongoDB database is more than happy to help you here. If you have gathered the location specific data, you can feed it to MongoDB. Now, this NoSQL database using its spatial functions will allow you to yield data for specific locations without complicating the extraction process.

Extend Support to Mobile Apps

MongoDB has an ability to support real fast iterations. This simply means you can easily scale up, include modifications, while giving your users a newer and better app without adding up to the cost of updating the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). This ability to scale horizontally and also to handle unstructured data makes MongoDB an ideal support for MongoDB mobile apps development.

Choosing MongoDB for Application Development

Data is the most inconsistent thing. It differs from app to app as well as from organization to organization. Data depends entirely on the purpose, and need of the hour. For such inconsistency spread in data, MongoDB the NoSQL database could be a good way of getting rid of traditional RDBMS. Let’s understand why MongoDB is perfect solution for application development.

  • It does not have a fixed database structure
  • It performs real well when handling ad hoc data related queries in real time
  • It offers geo-spatial features which allow you to study geo specific data and analyze them to understand the changing patterns and behavior. This will help in mobile advertising

If you are still confused, or wish to delve in depth, you can get in touch with us. If you wish to make a move to MongoDB applications development, we would be more than happy to help you. SpaceO technologies offers impeccable MongoDB solutions to suit your needs.

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