Have a Selfie App Idea? Check These 5 Powerful Features of the Best Selfie Apps While Developing a Selfie Camera App


This blog is for those tech startups and entrepreneurs, who have been thinking about developing a selfie app. Herein we have mentioned 5 powerful features of the best selfie apps to consider while developing a selfie camera app.

Today, most of the people are obsessed with clicking selfies. Be it a birthday party, family function, wedding, or any business event, people don’t forget to click some of the best selfies with their loved ones and colleagues.

In fact, the advent of selfie camera apps has transformed the way people are clicking selfies today. Using different front camera apps or we can say selfie camera apps, people can add filters, stickers, AR masks, swap faces, drawing effects and what not to make their selfies stand out. In short, dedicated selfie camera apps are taking selfie-game to the next level.


With increasing demand for the best selfie apps, the selfie camera app category has become the new trend on the web. Recently, we also came across with the latest news on China’s largest selfie app maker named Meitu that is working to diversify itself beyond the beauty arena in China. According to techcrunch, the company has agreed to pay about HK$2.7 billion ($340 million) for a 31 percent stake in game publishing company Dreamscape Horizon.

So, if you have ever thought to develop a selfie camera app like Facetune or Retrica, then it is a high time to enter in the market as the craze of clicking selfies is not going to fade away anytime soon. Before talking about the features of top selfie apps, let’s know the basic job of any selfie application. 

Selfie Camera App: The Main Aim of this App

A selfie app allows users to take the perfect selfies and gives an ability to click the self-portrait image in a better way. Such apps also enable users to add different filters, effects, and stickers to click the best selfies. Moreover, selfie apps help users to perform touchup, skin tone adjustment and give make-up effects in real-time.

Moving forward, let’s talk about the most powerful features of top selfie camera apps that tech startups can consider while developing photo editing app or beauty selfie app.

5 Powerful Features of the Top Selfie Apps to Check Out Before Developing Best Selfie Camera App

1. Provide Users with Diverse Filters & Stickers to Choose From

Selfies can be clicked in many ways. But trying out different filters and stickers while clicking selfies can change the entire game. So, one of the main features to consider is – diverse filters and stickers.

Yes, allow your photo enhancer app users to try out different filters and stickers to make their selfies stand out from others. Talking about the most popular filters, consider normal, daily, retro, monochrome, aqua, jelly, N1, Clarendon, Lo-fi, Lark and many other filters.


Image Source: B612

Apart from the filters, include different stickers like animal, fashionable, Christmas, theme-based, flowers, location, hashtag, music, emoji slider, GIF and other stickers to apply in selfies. With different filters and stickers, people can take beautiful selfies with their friends anytime and anywhere.

2. Allow Users to Record Custom Music Videos

Not only selfies but recording custom music videos along with friends, family members, and loved ones are also on trend these days. People are recording different videos using music, songs, dialogues, and tunes. So, another important feature to consider is – custom music videos.


Image Source: B612

Allow your app users to create high-quality music videos easily and effortlessly. Make sure that you allow your users to pair their videos with exciting tunes and add diverse effects and playback speeds for a dynamic experience.

Along with this, users can edit the speed of the videos from slow motion to fast motion. So, don’t forget to consider the custom music videos feature while developing a selfie app like YouCam Perfect.

3. Selfie Collage in Real-time

Another thing that is trending among youngsters is selfie collage. A lot of people are making a collage of their selfies in real-time. So, include selfie collage maker feature in your app, allowing users to take selfies and collage it. In fact, users can make amazing selfie collages using different effects or frames.


Image Source: Selfie Collage Maker

In addition to this, provide your users with fun stickers, borders, filters and more to decorate their selfie collages. Using this feature, users can try out real-time live selfie collage maker to take the perfect looking selfie with their friends.

4. Real-time Selfie Editing Tools

The fourth important feature that you can provide your app users is “real-time selfie editing tools”. Through selfie editing tools, users can edit their selfies in real-time and change the shape of eyes, lips, and nose.


Image Source: Facetune

Further, include auto beautify tools to beautify selfies by whitening teeth, hairstyles, skin color and more. Allow users to choose from different make-up looks in real-time while using app camera and then personalize the selfie after taking it.

5. Social Media Integration

The ultimate feature that you must provide to your users is – social media integration. It is one of the most essential features to consider during selfie camera app development. Using this feature, users can directly share their clicked and edited selfies on social media platforms.


Image Source: Sweet Selfie

You can provide different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Pinterest, Twitter, and Messenger to share selfies. Make this feature as easy as possible so that app users don’t face any problem while sharing their clicked pictures.

Sharing on social media platforms must be possible in only one or two steps, so users can share their clicked selfies with their friends and family members.

Final Thoughts

You have just gone through the most important and powerful features of top selfie camera apps or best selfie camera apps that you can consider while developing the best selfie camera app. Apart from these features, provide your users with other common features like object remover, background changer, mosaic blur, and high-end tools.

So, if you have any raw and unpolished selfie camera app idea in mind and want to create an app from scratch, you can cross-verify it with us. We are a leading Android app development company and already developed over 50 photo and video applications along with unique features and functionalities like special effects, filters, artistic touch, advanced camera, detect faces, sync with social media, photo frames, image perfection, and photo mixer.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion on regarding the cost of making selfie camera app like YouCam Perfect, app development timeline or how to make money with a free app, get in touch with us through our contact us form. Our sales representative is always happy to advise you and help you to bring your ideas into life. The consultation won’t cost you any money. 

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