Not Just an App…It’s a Security App, by Space-O, to Protect Personal Data


When it comes to mobile security, you have to safe, as hackers are working on new and unexpected ways to steal your private data.
Do you know 65% of smartphones are easily targeted by hackers, as it doesn’t secure with pass-codes?

Just a simple PIN on a smartphone isn’t enough to secure your device from strangers. There are several options available to secure mobile device. If you are iPhone user, you can have different iPhone apps that keep files safer than anything we have seen before.

Some applications hide your pictures while some secure data behind a simple PIN and passcode. But, below listed applications help to secure your pictures, messages and calendar from strangers.

Lock.ed safe photo.s folder security

Imagine when you are using your device in your office premise and one of your colleagues need for testing apps. In such case, you can’t say NO and also you don’t want to show your personal data. What to do now?

Install Lock.ed safe photo.s folder security application to lock your personal videos and images with passcode and Touch ID. This iOS security application can store and sync your data through iCloud – you will never lose them. Even, you can easily restore your Hideout data if you install this app on the different device.

Customer’s Review and Ratings
“This app is great, it keeps things hidden and I love it but I would like to be able to put videos in here too and when someone gets the app I wish it would let me have more than 4 albums that are free and I mean I don’t want to pay to get other albums but on the bright side like I said before this app comes in hand and it’s amazing.”
1190+ Ratings so far.

Private Life Texting

Keep your business talks private with Private Life Texting messages. You can get secure SMS messages with this FREE version. It keeps other people to prevent from snooping through your text message history.

Customer’s Review and Ratings
“This little app is perfect for the occasional user like me. If some thief picks up my phone he/she now has to get past my regular password PLUS the neat “pass-pattern-puzzle” required to get to my private texts! The only problem I have ever had is with some of my contacts who do not appreciate this powerful privacy tool!”
910+ Ratings so far.

My Private Closet

If you want to secure your business folder, then My Private Closet app is one you are looking for. This application provides secure folder on iPhone device that you can carry anywhere.

Most of us are using passwords / PIN / other private information to secure our personal and business data and sometimes, we fail to remember those passwords, so storing all the important stuff with ‘My Private Closet’ is much secured.

Customer’s Review
“Perfect app for storing password…. And it really helps me in daily routine…. Now I don’t need to remember my ATM pins, email passwords and so many other important things…. So whenever I want to login somewhere, I open this app….!!!!”

myPrivate Calendar

myPrivate Calendar application enables to keep your private events and get a timely reminder for all those events. No one can see your secret events as it is protected and will be visible to you only. This application can be synced with default Calendar app.

It has customized reminder settings and a pattern lock password. Whether you have iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, myPrivate Calendar iPhone app runs on every device.

Customer’s Review
“Nice concept… My events are private…. Nobody can see my events…. 🙂 And the best part is even if it is in iPhone calendar…. :)”

Privacy is not limited to using other’s apps, you can also create your own

If you want to secure your personal data by hiding picture, videos, messages, etc. from the device, we provide better and most appropriate solution through mobile apps. We have talented iOS application development team, who has already developed security apps with remarkable features and functionalities. Contact us for more information.


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