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Adopting enterprise mobility is a progressive move for many organizations today.

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Not only do they enjoy the increased potential in exposure, they reap the in-house benefits that come with such changes; benefits that include:

  • Increased productivity by employees
  • Higher revenues
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased level of satisfaction in the work environment by employees
  • A competitive edge in their industry by staying on top of current trends

In spite of the vast advancements in technology, security concerns still remain a primary inhibitor for enterprise mobility management.

These security concerns include password and data breeches and encryption of mobile devices. Security issues are also responsible for limiting the growth of the BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) concept in the workplace. Many businesses just aren’t willing to take the risk of company data being accessible on a personal device used outside the work place.

This hesitancy is understandable. Security issues have resulted in significant losses (financial and otherwise) to businesses and organizations big and small. The ramifications of these breeches in security have been massive.
This threat in terms of loss of data increases exponentially as the number of devices connected to the corporate network increases. As more businesses make the positive step toward enterprise mobility, there is an ever-increasing need for designing greater security measures and for educating businesses on how to make these security measures work for them and for their customers.

When you work with Space-O, you can rest assured that your enterprise mobility security is being given top priority. We know how much you value the trust of your employees and customers because we equally value your trust in us.

This white-paper is created to understand security concerns in enterprise mobility. Here are the building blocks of the white-paper:

  • Introduction of Security Concerns in Enterprise Mobility.
  • Mobile Security Concerns (Mobile Application and Device Explosion, Increasing Levels of Access, Creation of Consumer-style File-sharing Tool).
  • End to End Security Framework.
  • Security Challenges and Requirements for Mobile Devices.
  • Device Security Managed Centrally.
  • Mobile Device Platforms Fragmented.
  • Requirements of mobile device security.
  • Challenges and Requirements for Networks.
  • Multiple Applications on multiple devices.
  • Application Security: Centralized.
  • Privacy of Users.
  • Requirements of application security.
  • Challenges and Requirements for Networks.
  • Access control.
  • Requirements of network security.
  • Security Architecture.
  • Conclusion and References.

By reading this white-paper, you’d get to know about security concerns in enterprise mobility in general.

At Space-O, we understand these concepts and the white-paper is written by one of our technical experts. Contact us today for your Enterprise Mobility Needs.

When you work with Space-O, you can stay assured that needs security in your enterprise mobility needs is taken care of by a professional company.








This white paper is created to understand common Enterprise Mobility Architecture and paradigms that empower enterprise mobility. The white-paper below on Enterprise Mobility Architecture below touches upon the following:

  • - What is Enterprise Mobility Architecture?
  • - How to build and maintain Enterprise Mobility Architecture?
  • - The Models of Enterprise Mobility Architecture - Overview.
  • - Major risks and benefits of Enterprise Mobility.

By reading this white-papers, you’d get to know about Enterprise Mobility Architecture in general.

At Space-O, we understand these concepts deeply, and the white-paper is written by one of our technical experts. Contact us today for your Enterprise Mobility Needs.

When you work with Space-O, you can stay assured that your enterprise mobility needs are taken care of by a company who understand every ins-and-outs of enterprise mobility and, the most important, they are well-versed with foundation of robust Enterprise Mobility Architecture.


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