Secure BYOD Implementation

Secure BYOD Implementation

Secure BYOD Implementation It is obvious and evident for everyone in the business ecosystem that “Consumerization of IT” is changing the game. With employees seeking more freedom and flexibility in working styles and paradigms, enterprises are obligated to adopt BYOD. In addition to that, embracing BYOD makes sense for enterprises because it influences the business productivity positively along with improving employee satisfaction and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to be spent on acquiring new devices and their upkeep.

However, away from benefits there is always a major concern for Security and Integrity of Corporate Assets among Enterprises. The discussion on BYOD adoption and implementation always narrows down to an issue of “Security” which is crucial and shall not be comprised in any regard.

Now many enterprises and their IT Teams get it wrong and focus ONLY on a single aspect – Device. However, to minimize the risks related to BYOD implementation, it is necessary for enterprises to inspect the impact on the network security ecosystem and understand the vulnerabilities.

This white-paper describes how enterprises can implement BYOD program while ensuring Security of Corporate Assets and allowing employees to use and operate from their own devices.


Benefits of Mobility

Increased Productivity

Increased Overall business efficiencies

Cost savings

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