Why Sean Parker Relaunched Airtime, a Real-time Social Video App?


Group messaging applications are popular among the people. There is a number of new application offering group messaging services. Recently, a group messaging product – Airtime, is developed to create a group and organized it that we call ‘rooms’.

These rooms can be empty or have many people in it. People can leave or stay in the room according to the requirements. Inside the room, people can entertain themselves with simple text to video chat and watch a movie and listen to the music as well.

See this video of Forbes’ Editor Steven Bertoni speaks with Napster founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning about their new video start-up Airtime.


Three Main Components That Make Airtime a Must Have Application

Real Moments:

It allows people to go live on video. People can drop a message, add a video and play a song. When anything happens in the room, all of them will be notified and can jump in and switch on their cameras too.

With just a few taps, you can bring everyone together from the major milestones to a quick hello. There are some companies like Facebook launched products that enable to live stream to many friends and followers.

Technology can do much more than offering likes and comments – more than a venue for ‘success theater’. Moreover, Airtime can also make new memories with your people instead of showing what they missed out in their life.

Real Friends

Video-chat is the first priority and almost every application has pre-planned and scheduled to integrate this feature. With Airtime, people can have a simple and light-weight video chat option like text messaging that create feel like micro-hang-outs-on-the-go. The video technology of Airtime is the best and better than any existing solutions of Google or Skype.

Real Time:

One of the coolest things about Airtime is it enables to watch and listen together. Everyone in the room can see videos, photos, and music at the same time. People can watch different types of media together like YouTube, Spotify, your own photos, and videos, etc. This thing is not possible with other social media platforms.

Airtime also shows presidential debates, live sporting events, and myriad other forms of media and content like to see live-streamed on YouTube by just grabbed links, dropped them into the room.

Airtime Relaunches as Group Text and Video Chat Application

Napster co-founder and former Facebook president, Sean Parker has relaunched his Airtime platform as a group text and video chat application on both iOS and Android platform. With this application, users can create content with their friend together.

Airtime allows people to create rooms and invites their friends to join the room. With text, users can chat with each other. it allows up to 6 room members to participate in the group video chat.
Moreover, users can share photos, videos and music in the room that can be viewed and listened by everyone at the same time. Support for sharing a user’s own content and content from Spotify, YouTube, Giphy, etc. are included in Airtime.

If any user wants to share content from another platform, they can by simply tap on the ‘+’ button and select of the app’s supported platforms and then, browse content to share in the room. When any users find the room empty, he/she can tap a “Signal” button to alert the room’s members. Moreover, members can turn on a “Do Not Disturb” mode, if they don’t like to receive notification.


The general feedback is mixed. Some people love this service while some hates and many don’t have an idea about it. If you want to know the exact feedback about the product/service, you have to wait for a few months. Meanwhile, you can see the below-given tweets.

What’s Next for Airtime?

Airtime 1.0 was the web-based only product. However, now, Airtime is launching a mobile product. Most of the companies are developing a chat application in android using XMPP, however, they are building a remarkable mobile experience that complements to the desktop experience. Airtime also has integrations for TV streaming so everyone can watch more of shows and videos together.

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