Scaling PHP for Startups and Enterprises – Why Is It Preferred for Your Project?


We’ve got many inquiries from our clients, who have insight that PHP is not as much scalable for the MVP. Even, they have stated (not discussed) that PHP shouldn’t be used for the large projects.

We, our PHP development team, really don’t think that PHP is not a scalable programming language. Recently, Google’s App Engine for PHP is available in beta version on the company’s platform as a service offering. This simply means your apps can get Google’s App Engine service level agreement and deprecation policy. With this, we can imagine the popularity and scalability of this language.

No matter what you think about PHP, it remains on the top and best for startups to enterprise level projects. Additionally, PHP is even being getting a more credit in the developer community now, all thanks to projects like Facebook’s HHVM and others.

According to the Google, “tens of thousands of developers” have developed and deployed PHP application on App Engines and currently, it handles around 800 million PHP queries per week, then how one can say PHP is not scalable.

In actual, scaling means to enable your application or website to grow as traffic grows. PHP scalability includes different aspects, including performance to code maintainability, fault tolerance, etc. Most of the people, who are looking to develop a website, cannot prefer PHP as they didn’t find it much scalable.

Is PHP Scalable – Really?

Let’s discuss – PHP as a web technology is scalable enough if it is not compared with Ruby on Rails. It’s a modern and updateable technology that absolutely works fine with modern frameworks like Symfony, Kohana, Yii, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Zend, etc. concerning speed, cost and of course, Scalability.

Have a note – some reputed websites and web apps -, including Facebook, LinkedIn, VK (Russian analog of FB with millions of users and tons of content) are working excellent on PHP and can easily handle many users every day.

Scalability Is Not Limited to Using Programming Language

Many people think that scalability is totally related to the programming language, however, it is connected more with server infrastructure. One can easily implement any scalability for a web app written on any language by using modern cloud server technologies like Amazon Web Service, Azure, Heroku, etc. and implementing it in the auto-scaleable server cluster.

Ruby on Rails apps work slightly faster than PHP – But PHP is Preferable due to lower maintenance cost

Let’s understand this point through example – We accept that Ruby on Rails apps work slightly faster than PHP that means one medium server can easily handle 15K live users for ROR app and 10K for PHP app. But, the server maintenance cost has a difference around $25-$75/server (which is especially not affordable for startups).

How can you be sure PHP works well if a site has more users?

We are not believing in fake commitments. We commit, what we do. One of our clients wanted to create a video app project that can easily handle up to 500k users. We have suggested him to implement a scalable PHP backend for mobile video app project. A mobile video app project ( works well and its only theoretical limit, technically it can be time higher. We have tested project with only up to 500K users and guess what, we can’t find any issue.

Cost & Development Team Is the Main Concern, Besides Scalability

Cheaper in development and Easier to maintain – that’s what website development in PHP offers to its users. The good is you can find an expert PHP developer easily than a RoR developers – without affecting your development cost. In case, you want to change your development team, it will be easier to find qualified PHP developers than ROR.

Scalability Issue Doesn’t Harm to Startups at All

For startups or small projects, scalability doesn’t come to their ways, as a large user audience is not their aim. If you have a thin specialized project with more than few thousands of live users, then also PHP can handle with just one good virtual server without an auto-scaleable cluster.

In such case, it can also move to the cluster solution instead of a short timeframe and reasonable cost regarding php development services.

We Bet to Make Your project scalable with PHP

We have an experienced team of PHP developers, who have worked on many PHP projects and successfully delivered on time, so you can hire PHP developers from us to get the best and quality results. 


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