Rock The World With Your DJ App And Become A Billionaire!


Today’s parties are incomplete without the presence of disc jockeys, or DJs. Indeed, they have incredible ability to entertain a huge audience for hours and hours. DJs create a great environment of disco with a handful of tools. How about if DJs use your iPhone app to rock the floor? Your iPhone may also play the role of party DJ with the help of your awesome DJ app even if you don’t know anything about it. You just transfer your DJ app idea to a talented and efficient iPhone app developer and he will give you a huge source of regular income (or you can try out our services, Space-O Technologies, to see why we’re even better).

How a DJ can market your iPhone App?

If you have a disco app, you don’t need to worry about its promotion and bear the marketing expenses as well. An awesome marketing tool in your hand for your new disco app is DJs or the people making the music.

  • Create the most epic way for disc Jockeys to send a rocking invitation to their thousands of followers. This is the best way to promote your disco application instead of trying to get hundreds of downloads and make money on people loading your iPhone application and showing advertisements.
  • Multiply your music app users. Yes, this is true in case of DJ app. You can turn 1 into 100 easily. You just have a few contacts to semi-popular DJs and in return, your music app will get thousands of regular users without contacting anyone of them. This type of marketing is not possible through other popular sources of promotion that can multiply your app users in shortest time.

Advantages of an iPhone DJ Application:

  • Enjoy a virtual dance party with the help of your iPhone DJ app. It will give you unlimited entertainment. You just will have to plug in from anywhere around the world. You can earn more by charging for entry using purchased versions of your DJ app.
  • A silent disco DJ: You probably have never imagined this. Silence and disco DJ….impossible! But this s true. Now a DJ person in an event can make you rock through your iPhone headphones and play the music for you brilliantly with the help of DJ app.
  • Another impressive side of DJ app is, you don’t need to plan out marketing strategies for it. You only have to use notifications, text messages, and emails to update the users about new remixes, tracks, and music events. Indeed, if you are going to develop this type of music app, you’ll earn more money.
  • Do engage large number of people through your DJ app and enjoy a blank check. There are many ways to make money through iPhone apps such as leasing air time, selling different features, charging admissions, and so on. But to earn early on is almost impossible. All apps need time to make popular. Only one thing ensures the smooth way of making money through iPhone apps and that is to engage large number of masses into it such as you develop the contacts with the event promotion companies and such companies have thousands of events every year. A single event can give you at least hundreds of users. Be mindful that your music app should play at the events and engage the right people.

DJ’s words have weight. For example, you have a great DJ app that is being used by hundreds of music lovers. This app can be reached to thousands of users within few minutes when DJs tell everyone in the audience that they should join them by downloading a music app on their iPhones. Your music app will be on the top of the most popular apps through adopting this way of marketing. And it will take not more than 20 minutes for outright selling your app to a DJ equipment company, white labeling, and licensing. Moreover, you can also promote your app regularly through free downloads of latest bands and sponsored parties that need checking in with your application to start the music. In a nut shell, I can say with hundred percent confidence that you don’t need to have a billion sales to make a billion. Instead, you must focus on making the value of your app worth billions to its buyers.



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