Planning to Create a Health App? Keep an Eye on These Solutions Provided by Uber Health (B2B Ride-hailing Platform)


This post contains information for those startups and the entrepreneurs who run healthcare clinics, rehab centers or physical therapy centers. It contains top solutions which can help you to build a successful business model like Uber Health.

In general, when someone says, “Uber for X, Y, or Z”, then immediately it strikes in our mind – Uber is making something ‘easy and convenient’. Undoubtedly, Uber has completely changed the way people live their lives in the past times. This is due to the fact that there’s a lot of things that are successfully transformed by Uber, and it looks like these –

  • Helping out seniors to regain their independence
  • Mobility to those people who live in underserved areas
  • Provides a safe alternative to driving

If you are one of the staunch followers of Uber, then you must be aware of the newest business-line that launched by Uber, called Uber Health. The ride-sharing company, Uber has launched a service, known as Uber Health, which allows doctors, hospitals, clinics, rehab centers to hail cabs for their patients.

What Does Uber Heath Exactly Mean?

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “This month, Uber has announced its new ride-hailing platform i.e. Uber Health” that is one way for healthcare organizations to book rides for their patients. Moreover, the company has also launched an API, so that the ride-hailing service can be built into existing healthcare tools. It provides reliable and comfortable transportation to patients. Also, the dashboard allows healthcare professionals to order rides for their patients at any time anywhere.

Additionally, the company’s ride-booking service aimed at business customers who want to provide the rides for their clients or patients. However, Uber health service is also tailored for healthcare industry with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) standards compliance, plus it gives the ability to use the service on the client-side from even with a landline.

What’s Different About ‘Uber Health’?

Alike Uber’s famous business model, the ride-hailing platform in terms of app, ‘Uber Health’ is not exactly the copy of the existing Uber app. Let’s know what’s different about it:

  • Healthcare industries can schedule health rides up to a month in advance so that patients don’t miss their appointments and make sure they also get their follow-up care.
  • Uber Health claims to provide hassle-free transportation facilities.
    Riders or patients can coordinate through text messages. Also, there is a facility to set up calls to landlines or cell phones rather than texting.
  • Hospitals, rehab centers, and senior care facilities, more than 100 organizations in the U.S are already using a beta version of the Uber Health.

Apart from this, healthcare is a big business. Whether you are running a clinic, home care center or physical therapy center, there are big opportunities to start with the same business model like Uber Health. However, if you want to provide any solution like Uber Health to your patients or users, we’ve curated top solutions that are provided by Uber Health (B2B ride-hailing platform).

Top Solutions Provided by Uber Health (B2B Ride-hailing Platform)

Solution #1: Flexible Ride Scheduling for Patients

According to the report from TechCrunch, “Nearly 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments because of lack of the available and reliable transportation”. In addition to this, nearly one-third patient show up to medical appointments every year in total.

These are some of the problems that are analyzed by Uber. After analyzing such problems, the tech company, Uber provides the flexible ride scheduling for patients who have been missing out the important appointments due to the lack of reliable transportation services at affordable cost. In order to decrease the rate of missing appointments, here’s what Uber has provided –

  • Health industries can schedule rides on behalf of patients, caregivers, and the staff to take place immediately, and as per their convenience.
  • It also provides transportation to be scheduled for follow-up appointments for patients.
  • It is also possible to schedule and manage the multiple rides at one time from a single dashboard.

Bottom Line: Being the owner of the health clinic or rehab center, if you are planning to build an app like uber based on B2B ride-hailing platform then you need to provide your targeted audience with such solutions, resolving their real-life problems.

Solution #2: Fixed The Root Problem

Uber is known for its successful business model in terms of ride-hailing apps development, however, the concept of ‘Uber Health’ came-up after analyzing the biggest barriers by the company.

The easy-to-access transportation is one of the biggest barriers for vulnerable popularities, including patients with the highest burden of chronic disease. Patients with chronic diseases are not able to get an easy-to-access transportation facility that safely takes them to hospitals and clinics.

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In the United States, the biggest barriers to access health centers easily and safely is the higher cost of transportation. So, instead of creating a rehab center, Uber has analyzed the root of the problem and provide solution for the biggest barriers, which are faced by people.

In a nutshell, if you’ve decided to start a business model like Uber health, then there are three main points, which you need to consider, including ease, convenience, and lower cost. So, providing a blend of these solutions to patients can make your business successful.

Solution #3: Easy and Convenient Service

Naturally, everyone desires convenience. From uber for delivery to hiring a cab, everyone seeks ease and convenience while using these services. In the rapid growth of urgent care clinics, there’s a great demand for easy and convenient transportation services. In addition, the emergence of Uber Health is the solutions to all the problems, which are commonly faced by many patients worldwide.

Uber Health has not just provided easy and convenient solutions to patients, but the organizations like healthcare centers or rehab centers can also take benefit of Uber Health like solution. This is what healthcare industries can do after connecting to Uber Health (B2B ride-hailing platform):

  • The healthcare industries can easily keep track of how much they are spending on the rides.
  • Organizations can request rides and view monthly billing statements, appointments and scheduling reports in the simplest terms.

Have You Decided to Take Your Healthcare Business to the Next Level?

Herein, as we have already mentioned that in the United States over 100 healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, and senior care facilities, homecare centers and physical therapy centers are already taking the benefit of Uber Health solution.

However, there are some big healthcare technology companies named Bracket Global and Collective Health that are also exploring ways how Uber Health can work with their offerings.

So, after going through this post, you can also think about to create an app like Uber in the genre of health. If you may have any idea that can give you a big hit like Uber Health, you can discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 50 healthcare mobile apps successfully.

Still, if you have any query related to Uber Health like solution, you can get in touch with us through below given form. We will revert you within 48 hours. Till then, you can explore the following Healthcare apps that are developed by us:

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