Ride-Hailing App Development: 3 Important Tactics from Mytaxi That Startups can Consider Before Developing an App like Uber


This post includes information for taxi startups & entrepreneurs. Herein curated three important tactics from Mytaxi, which you can consider during ride-hailing app development.

Whenever we talk about the on-demand taxi booking services in the world of sharing economy, the first thing that strikes in our mind is – Uber. Well, there is another on-demand ride-hailing app, Mytaxi, which is quite famous in Europe. Daimler-owned Uber rival, Mytaxi, has already 10 million passengers through 100,000 registered drivers.

Moreover, Europe’s famous ride-hailing service provider, Mytaxi has dived into the highly dynamic e-scooter market. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Europe’s most popular ride-hailing service provider, Mytaxi, is launching e-scooters in Southern Europe later this year.”

Before diving into the main section of our post, let us know more about the taxi-hailing app like Uber, Mytaxi.

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Mytaxi: Ride-hailing App

Founded in 2009, Mytaxi is headquartered in Hamburg. Mytaxi acquired by Daimler (Europe-based automotive company). Before it acquired by Daimler, Mytaxi, the ride-hailing company, had secured around $13 Million from Deutsche Telekom, Capital Partners, T-Venture, and Car2go. Mytaxi is one of Europe’s biggest licensed taxi and black cab apps.

The ride-hailing platform, Mytaxi is available in over 70 cities within 13 countries. The network of Mytaxi is over 160,000 drivers and over 13 million app users. This ride-hailing service includes across Germany, UK, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Peru, Chile, Portugal, and Romania.


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  • Talking about the performance of Mytaxi app across App Stores, according to the latest report, the Google Play rank of Mytaxi app is #116 in the Google Play store.


  • The other report from App Annie, the download rank of Mytaxi was #106 on Oct 27. In this image, you can see the whole graph of ranking in the Apple App store.


So, being a ride-hailing startup, what effectual strategies you are working on to grab more and more customers towards your services? If you want to create on-demand solutions for taxi booking, read on these tactics from the tech giant to adapt, which will help you to take your taxi booking business to the next level.

3 Important Tactics from Mytaxi That Startups Can Consider Before Developing an App like Uber

1. Embrace Solutions to Riders to Ease Taxi Booking Experience

The success of any taxi booking app depends upon the approach. So, if you want to grow your taxi booking business, then it is pivotal to embrace solutions to riders or app users. Make sure you carefully embrace solutions for your riders or app users, which actually ease the taxi booking experience. Plus, you need to include such solutions, which have not yet provided by other taxi booking apps.


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Apart from the solution, you can consider essential features like GPS real-time tracking, choose the type of taxi, and fare estimation. Along with these features, you need to include additional solutions in terms of features like 1-week advance booking, airport pickups, and the estimated time of arrival (ETA). In short, you just need to provide solutions with a blend of ease and convenience.

2. Flexibility

The next important tactic, which you can’t miss to consider while developing a taxi booking app like Uber i.e. considering flexible solutions in taxi booking app. You need to include app features in terms of solutions, which provide fast, easy and comfortable rides at their fingertips. Moreover, you can provide solutions, which is a blend of flexibility and convenience.

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If you want to grow your taxi booking business like Uber or Mytaxi, make sure to include a range of flexible solutions in terms of features while booking taxis for riders. Plus, you need to be careful while opting solutions to your drivers.

Along with riders, it is important not to neglect your drivers in terms of providing flexible solutions in taxi booking app. If you want to get success in taxi booking business, indeed, this is a key tactic to consider during taxi booking app development.

3. Integrate a Range of Useful Taxi Booking App Features

During taxi booking app development, one of the most important strategies, which startups can’t miss to afford is to integrate a range of useful taxi booking app features.

Being a startup, make sure you don’t miss to consider these basic yet pivotal features during taxi booking app development:

  • GPS Real-time Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Pre-Booking
  • Driver’s Reviews
  • Preference for Drivers
  • Favorite Destination

Wrapping it Up

Being a startup, you just need to consider these tactics from the ride-hailing platform, Mytaxi, this taxi reservation app if you want to build an app like Uber. Before deciding, you need to check the latest trend from Google Trends. The keyword “Uber for taxis” has been growing in searches since 2004. Additionally, the UK and the U.S. are the topmost regions by interest.




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