Restaurant Apps Make Dining Experience Delicious For Foodies


The USA can now be called a shelter for the foodies. According to a survey, most of the Americans prefer eating outside of a house on most evenings. However, even in this very era of technology and modernity, having a meal outside can be a slow and tedious process. Home delivery need people to actually give an interview over the phone about who you are, where do you stay, what’s your order, increasing the distance between you and the mouth watering food you have ordered.

While phone calls were a menace for the customers it also cost the restaurant owners a huge amount of time, to clarify the situation. But with restaurant oriented mobile apps; time management becomes simpler day by day. The customer now, with an app, get a three click solution, in the form of; install, order, and pay. Yes, with “restaurant apps”.

Are you a restaurant owner or do you own a snack bar, cafe?
If you are, then the next important question is; DO YOU HAVE AN APP?

If not, then here are the examples of the most successful restaurant apps, that will make you want one!

Simplifying food experience is what restaurant apps are meant to do. And in that case we mustn’t forget ‘Urbanspoon’ the top rated app with over 20 million total mobile installs, which helps you in finding the best food and dining experiences at over a million restaurants. And then there is Zomato.The one app that started the process of making your food experience simpler, better and yummier.

And then there are apps made especially for restaurant and cafe chains keeping their mobile customers happy. The restaurant apps widely used in USA includes Domino’s Pizza, Subway, McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. Unnecessary to say, these apps has been famous now in other countries as well. All kinds of apps with all kinds of ideas are existent under the umbrella term of ‘restaurant apps.’

I guess now that you have had a look at the two, you might have a thousand or more questions floating in your mind. Below are some of the restaurant app related questions answered.


(1) Do apps really make a difference? Is it worth the effort?


YES! It is. There is nothing to be said in this matter but to experience it. There are many people who have testified to this as well. Other than that, you can take a look at the Myntra case study. It was a satisfactorily running website and app. However now it has closed down as a website, trying to focus completely on the app. Myntra is an enterprise working purely on the strength of an app.


(2) I have an unique app idea but don’t know where to start from?


There are millions of restaurant apps on Apple app store and Google play store and all these apps are good choice for foodies, who love to eat out. While you do need to have the willingness to make a unique app, it is completely fine if you do not have app development experience or a clear idea. This is where we fill the gap. We will discuss your app idea, features, and all the other possibilities, to engage your customers better. Our experts will share their past challenges and experience to create a yummy app for your business.

Also, take a look at the apps we have developed for food, recipes and obviously, restaurants.

Fungry: With the motto of “…Don’t go hungry, go Fungry”, this app is adamant on allowing you to have fun food everyday. Fungry puts the eclectic flavors of Austin at your fingertips. Literally.

Curbee: Curbee turns your favorite restaurants into a drive-thru! You don’t need to get stuck in the traffic or queues. All you need to do is pull up to your Curbee pickup spot and your food will be ready for you. It is a convenient way of eating good quality food in an easy manner.


(3) What type of features do you suggest, for my restaurant app, to engage more customers?


There are many features you can include in your restaurant app, but it depends on what you want to offer your customers. We have looked at thousands of restaurant applications and here are some of the features you can include in your app:

  1. Make a Booking: Using the app one can reserve a table or two of that particular restaurant, for a given time period.
  2. Home Delivery: Using the simple form given in the app one can make the ordering process straightforward and easy.
  3. GPS System: Check the address/es and get directions using the GPRS system, to make finding the restaurant easy.
  4. Browse Menu: Using the app, one can check the menu to decide from, while asking for home delivery.
  5. Write Reviews: One can Like, Share and write reviews on the app itself while also sharing it on social networking sites.
  6. Pay with Credit Card: Instead of paying in cash, once the home delivery is done, one can pay with credit or debit card by simply entering the card number.
  7. Special Events and Offers: One can notify the users with special events, or offers and even give a free invite a regular customer.
  8. Reward Points: On the usage of the app for ordering food or booking a table, certain reward points can be earned, which can be used for later transactions.
  9. Push Notifications: Through the app one can send push notifications about what’s new in the app or the menu, to constantly keep on engaging customers.
  10. Calculator: The calculator feature is used to calculate bills or to count the share one has to pay in a group

We guess your restaurant app related have been answered to your satisfaction. However, if you still have questions on cost estimation or Space-O’s app making process and more then check this out for more FAQs on app development. We have created 1500+ apps in five years, amongst which 20+ are top charting ones, and you can also check-out these videos to know what our clients say about us. Also, you can talk to us and we will give you 30 minutes of free consultation, for your restaurant app idea.

While food has always been the basic necessity of human life, it is now becoming the love of people’s life and they do not want to wait for it or stand in queues for the same. This is why most foodies are now turning towards the apps that lessen their efforts in reaching to the food of their liking.

A lot of restaurants and cafes are taking the advantage of mobile apps to accelerate their business, keeping their mobile customers happy. Are you?


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