3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Drooling Mobile App


Owning a restaurant and running it successfully but, do you own a mobile app of it yet? If not, then you need to check out these three reasons, which you can consider during restaurant app development.

We never know when hunger growls or craving strikes but today thanks to all the food ordering apps like Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, UberEats, Talabat, and others, satisfying our tongue, stomach and mind have become quick, easy and hassle-free. What if, your customers who suddenly have the craving for the signature dish or your restaurant becomes upset because they are not in a situation to visit your restaurant and there is no mobile app of yours they can order from. That’s depressing for a foodie.

According to a new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Viggle, 69% of consumers prefer ordering food online using their smartphone. Common, who won’t love enjoying their favorite dish sitting at the couch at home? We all do! Not everyone every time is able to reach the restaurant whenever they feel like. In such situations, it is the mobile app that becomes the rescuer.

Did you know? According to the report from Statista –

  • The market’s largest segment today is Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery with a market volume of US$65,302m in 2018.
  • The overall revenue in the online food delivery segment amounts to US$82,714m in 2018. It is expected to rise by 10.7% in 2023.

Can you believe this crazily growing demand for online food ordering?

With this kind of cut-throat competition around, if you are still in the notion that your restaurant will survive without a mobile version of it then you must go through these 3 reasons why it is crucial to have a mobile app of your restaurant today and then come to a conclusion.


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3 Reasons Why Food Tech Startups Need to Consider a Mobile App

1. Customer Connection and Satisfaction

A restaurant is meant to fill the tummy of customers when they are hungry and make them happy. And making a mobile app for your restaurant will only enhance the purpose of your restaurant i.e to satisfy the hunger of your customers at their comfort. People search for food online for many reasons, no mood or time to cook, hate waiting for long waits at the restaurant, the crowd, urgent cases, parties, cravings etc. and in all these situations, a mobile app proves to be the most convenient. Nothing is comforting for a customer than getting food from their favorite restaurant delivered at the doorstep. To keep competitors at bay, you must provide that comfort to your customers as soon as possible.

And the mobile app doesn’t mean your customers will only order online and not show up physically at your restaurant. In fact, a mobile app can be developed in such a way that a customer can know all about your restaurant and feel connected.

Upon allowing your customers the freedom to reserve their table online, browse your menu, check ratings of your restaurant and the food, read reviews and give feedback, you are actually inviting more customers.

By providing all these facilities via an app, you will be actually gaining regular customers which means your sales will rock high like the global leader in restaurant reservations, OpenTable.

2. Referrals and Social Exposure

The ratings and reviews in the mobile app can take your restaurant business to a whole new level. Good food not only fills tummy or satisfy the hunger of a customer but also make their heart happy and when that happens they would love to compliment and share it with others. With a mobile app or your restaurant, this can be done instantly. As soon as they feel happy with your food and service, they will rate or even write a review about you which will boost your presence in the field.

Secondly, when good food is in town and a customer enjoys it, nothing can resist him/her from sharing because that’s human nature. People talk about food always and if your restaurant succeeds in pleasing them, they will let the whole world know about you via their social accounts. You can also ask them to share their experience on your social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and much more.

So, this can work as the word of mouth marketing because honest reviews from customers are what people trust more. Like Delectable does, which is a tech-savvy app for wine lovers. It not only allows you to rate and review but also you can follow others on Twitter and like or comment on their recommendations on Facebook.

To encourage them to do so, you can offer them discounts, coupons or reward points in return. Loyal customers love such minor treats and incentives, also, keep special deals for first-time users. Show them that you care when they share.

3. Direct Marketing and Customized Experience

You don’t need to spend millions on marketing your restaurant or promote what you are offering every time. A mobile app is a one-time investment which once you did you will get continuous customer engagement. You can give them customized and personalized experience via news feeds and keep in constant touch with them and inform them about your best seller dishes new additions to your menu, latest offers, promo codes, special discounts, etc. With push notifications, you can remind them what they are missing which will lure them to your restaurant.

Moreover, you can also gain better ROI (Return On Investment) by igniting hunger among the foodies. Like weekends means food and night outs so, via push notifications, you can urge your users to visit your restaurants at a specific date and time. Let’s take an example, Tacolicious in San Francisco, they remind their app users about their Margarita Monday happy hour without any fail.

Based on their food preferences, you can recommend them dishes and combo offers which will help them decide better and faster, which busy customers love the most as it saves time. By sending them direct messages of breakfast with tempting pictures as soon as they wake up, will definitely end up in morning crowd or orders, either way, revenue is yours.


We know the restaurant industry will never drop down due to the food-lovers all over the world but, a mobile app for your restaurant is only profit and no loss. With humans becoming more and more tech-savvy today, the miniature version of your restaurant on their smart-screens has become a necessity.

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