Why You Must Consider Re-skinning While Developing Mobile Apps and Games?


The term “Re-skinning” might give you somewhat hint but it may not convey the complete sense of how it relates with the mobile app development or game design. However, knowing about re-skinning of mobile apps and games will definitely add value in your businesses and profession if you deal in or develop mobile apps.

So what is Re-skinning of Mobile Apps or Games?
Re-skinning a mobile application is about modifying the graphics while keeping the code as it is. For example to re-skin a game you will ONLY have to change the look and feel (comprising artwork, game characters, background, menus, etc.); sound and music of the game without requiring to change its game play.

Can you or your business benefit from reskinning of mobile application or game?
You bet! Re-skinning mobile app can benefit you to an extent you have never thought.

  • Low Entry Barrier: With minimal resources and risks, you can get into the app business and yet manage to achieve success.
  • Saves Cost: Imagine how much money you can save by creating multiple apps with single code. Just re-skin an app or game.
  • Saves Time: You can create additional app in real-time from the one that already exists since you don’t need to write the cumbersome code again.
  • Improves Chances of Success: With more apps or games you can increase the chances of success, don’t you think?

Cloning V/s Re-skinning
Cloning or merely copying someone is an unethical practice and Apple has strict policies to deal with that. Re-skinning is different. No matter you buy and use someone else’s code you still get the license to use that code and brand it by your name.

Further you are not mimicking but instead creating new themes for the app/game with different graphics, sound and music. (Refer an example)

With everything considered, you may still think or wonder if this is going to work for you. Well, this will! Watch an inspiring video of Carter Thomas – The Best Case Study related with Reskinning of Apps.


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