Want to Create a Relaxation App? Check These 6 Best Relaxation Apps Before Your First Step

relaxation app development

Being a wellness startup, if you are planning to enter the self-care app genre, then don’t miss out on this blog. Herein, we have curated a list of 6 best relaxation apps that have topped every chart in recent years.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”- Chinese Proverb

It has probably happened to all of us at some point in our lives. The world seems an impossible place to live in. A lot of anxiety, stress, and discomfort is what we go through. In this mundane working place, where 24/7 we always run after something.

You know, there are over 40million Americans in today’s time suffering from anxiety, stress, and a daily struggle of being a human, but thanks to mindfulness apps. The relaxation apps are a one-stop destination for people to calm their self down for some minutes and meet their real self in this fast-moving world.

To meet our ever-growing Everest-size-to-do list, the meditation and relaxation app genre is growing rapidly. In the first quarter of 2018, the top self-care app in the U.S. earned $15million on both the platforms iOS and Android revenue, and $27million worldwide, according to the consumer research report.

For instance, we recently made a health and fitness app that maintains an exercise log, food journal, and reviews the progress report. The app is called Get Fit Buddy app.  The app contains detailed graph report on weight, meal, and exercise, and the best part is users can share their reports and progress in the app.

So, now as if you are planning to develop a relaxation app development, there are so many relaxation apps that sorting them is a stressful process in itself. That’s why we, as a leading mobile app development company, took a deep breath and broke down features and other tactics for you.

Do Not Miss Out on These 6 Best Relaxation Apps Before Investing in Relaxation App Development

#1 Calm App

Calm is an award-winning meditation app. It has calming exercises, as well as breathing techniques that help users to control their stress levels and anxiety. An exclusive section for kids between 3 and 17. The app is aspired to be the best relaxation app for beginners.

relaxation app development

Image Credit: Calm

The most engaging feature is the guided meditation sessions in lengths of 3,5,10,15 or 25 minutes. So, a user can choose the perfect length to fit their schedule. Some of the different aspects covered by this relaxation app are stress, happiness, gratitude, self-esteem, and forgiveness.

Features of the Calm app:

  • Over 100 Sleep story section
  • Apple watch integration with three new experiences like breathing exercises, walking meditation, and calming exercises
  • Calm masterclass by world-renowned experts
  • Unguided timed meditation & Open-ended meditation
  • Over 30 soothing nature sounds and scenes to use during meditation, yoga or to help sleep.
  • Track the meditation with daily streaks

Tip: The calming app has not gathered all of these features overnight. The app has evolved over time, you need to constantly strive for a better version for your relaxation app development in your genre. With experience comes mastery, take precise steps to reach the heights like Calm app.

#2 Mind Body

Mind Body app has everything for everyone from yoga to cross fit classes. It is a wellness app that looks at the physical side offering an array of local fitness classes and beauty appointments. The engaging feature of this self-care app development is exercise classes ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

relaxation app development

Image Credit: Mind Body

Features of MindBody App:

  • Regular login discounts
  • Exercise trackers
  • Filter gym classes by location, date and fitness category to find the best workout for the users
  • Book a visit to the spa, studio, salon, and gym

#3 Sleep Cycle

Nobody doubts the importance of sleep- how about taking a nap and recharging oneself? The fans of this app can’t get over this application. The relaxation app controls sleep cycles and makes them regular. The app monitors a user’s sleep and can use the data to figure out, for instance, if drinking tea or soda in the evening or watching late night shows are disrupting the sleep. It is a boon for insomniac people.

relaxation app development

Image Credit: Sleep Cycle

The engaging part about this sleep wellness app is its seamless user-interface and navigation. The users never get confused when using this app. The major benefit of this relaxing app is it wakes a user up in its light sleep mode, How does it know? Through the phone’s accelerometer, it tracks the body movements, where a user is less likely to be mobile, during a period of deep sleep.

Features of Sleep Cycle app:

  • A gentle wakeup call- The alarm of this sleep app wakes a user up when they are in a light sleep, which is the right way to get up in the morning.
  • Sleep tracker- No need for putting the phone beneath the pillow. It can track sleep by keeping on a nightstand or close by the floor.
  • Sleep statistics and graphs.
  • Online backup of the sleep data
  • Export the data to Excel for detailed analysis

Tip: Make sure your relaxation app development has the most effortless user-friendly design, where they can navigate easily without any confusion. You are connecting to your targeted audience through the app development make it more convincing through appealing app design.

#4 Headspace 

Founder Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, has created the Headspace app. The app is a blend of timeless meditative teaching and modern digital space use. From guided meditations to managing anxiety sessions, the engaging tactic about this app is its “single meditations” feature. The app has quick breathing exercises for stressful times, visualization exercises to give relief during busy days.

relaxation app development

Image Credit: Headspace

The Headspace app has the most fascinating and relateable navigational screen. The best relaxation apps always keep the current trends running in their apps. Take it the color theme, content, features, functionality, technology change. Everything sums up to be the one powerful mindfulness app. The app has especially worked on the screen darkness and button placements, as no one wants to see a brighter screen at night.

Features of Headspace:

  • Hundreds of guided meditations on subjects like focus, exercise, sleep
  • Meditation for kids
  • “SOS” sessions for moments of panic, anxiety, stress
  • Add a friend to meditate
  • Training by the renowned founder and former Buddhist monk
  • Sleepspace experience for restless sleepers

Tip: Make sure your relaxation app development saves time and increases the management of your users. In this instant gratification world, everyone wants services, results, products in minutes. Convey your efficiency through app development.

#5 Insight Timer 

More than 1.4million people use the free relaxation app for Android and iOS. The app has guided meditations and talks let by the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford.

relaxation app development

Image Credit: Insight Timer

The engaging feature of this app is music from world-renowned artists and over 10 new guided meditations practiced daily on Insight Timer than anywhere else. The app has won “App of the Year” by Time Magazine and Women Health.

Features of Insight Timer app:

  • Integration with Apple health mindful minutes
  • Stats and milestones for tracking progress
  • Follow favorite teachers
  • World’s popular meditation timer

#6 Colorify

Experts say that coloring eases off stress and anxiety. The colorify app is an adult coloring game that allows painting mandalas, floral, fauna, and other designs. An anti-stress coloring app with free fun artwork which engages users and also exercises their creativity through the relaxation app.

relaxation app development

Image Credit: Colorify

Features of Colorify App:-

  • Personalized color palette
  • Works offline, no need of Wifi to relax on the best coloring book
  • Save different versions of artwork for the same sketch and revisit it later
  • Over 500 images and patterns to look in the app

Bottom Line

After reading these features, you might be getting some ideas to list down for your relaxation app development. There is a lot of experimentation space left when it comes down to the app world. But the innovation is not just limited to app worlds there are other solutions available to capture the digital space.

We are a professional iOS app development company that has developed over 3500 apps in the mobile app world. We are planning to create more in the digital era by developing web-based and mobile based solutions, accompanied by software development that can be directly integrated with your apps.

In case, if you have any query related to relaxation app development cost or app development, cost to create an app like Calm or Headspace, cross-verify with us. Fill up the contact us form and our sales representatives will consult you shortly. Consultation is free of cost.

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