Why App Abandon Rate is Increasing? Strategies to Increase App Downloads & Get Featured on the Top Downloads

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Today, there are approximately 2 billion smartphone users across the world. People are spending their maximum time on their mobile phones than any other technology and looking for the top apps that entertain them or help them in their work.

As per the iadbox.com’s published infographic, so far, people have downloaded more than 100 billion apps since 2008 and 3/4 of them have been removed within 3 weeks. Do you know why people uninstall the apps within 3 weeks? What are the reasons behind this failure of mobile apps?

As per the new industry report from Adobe, it is getting much harder for people to try out some of the new mobile apps. When it comes to the apps on their smartphone, consumers are stick with the applications, which they already know.

The report also states that the app abandonment is rising constantly and app installs are only up to 6% year-over-year whereas launch of existing apps is extremely higher, with 24% year-over-year growth. This trend is beneficial more for the top mobile apps, where app launches expanded at 62% year-over-year.

Adobe’s annual mobile benchmark report provided these figures, and the whole report is based on analysis of more than 290 billion visits from 16k+ mobile sites and 85+ billion app launches. Along with challenges that new applications are facing to get installed on devices in the first place, there are various apps that are instantly discarded after their first install.

Let’s Have a Look at the Reasons Why Users Abandoning your App:

Concern About Privacy

For mobile app abandonment, user privacy is the major reason that came into existence for some time now. From the last couple of years, we have noticed that the concern is increasing over those mobile apps that are requesting questionable in-app permissions, track geolocation, and automatically post to social media accounts on behalf of the end user.


Consumers are becoming more careful about having those mobile apps that show even the smallest hint of privacy concern. In any case, if you have a mobile app that requests in-app permissions, you ensure that your app is requesting for it to function.

However, consumers will surely comprehend in-app permission, where it is necessary, but you should make sure to give users a quick explanation why you are asking about in-app permissions. Try to be honest and upfront with your users and keep everything transparent with them.

Poor User Experience Design

When it comes to UX design, it plays a very significant role in making digital products successful. If your mobile app has a good UX design, it helps users to achieve goals, showing them accurate and timely information. But Poor UX design will make your users confuse and frustrated to the point, where they will abandon your mobile app altogether.

So, make sure that you scan your mobile app to check UI elements that might be making it slow to respond to scrolling content. In the mobile app economy, the top-ranking applications are focusing on retentive users from the very first visit and while the entire duration of your relationship with users is also important.

These are some initial moments that you are sharing with one another that will help you to develop habits, form bonds, and strengthen your product in users’ mind. So, you make sure to consider, good UX design can decrease your app abandonment rate.

Loading Time

As technology improves, the waiting times are becoming shorter; however, it only means that we are expecting all the things to keep up with the same pace. If mobile applications fail to fulfill what users are now expecting as reasonable load times they will instantly abandon the app.


So, what is the hold-up? However, top mobile apps are mainly relying on various media sources to keep the end user engaged from different images to video content. These mainly rely on other infrastructures such as cellular networks to coordinate and serve content at an application speed.

Mobile apps must be smarter on how much they rely on these services to get the content on-screen. Firmness is a reliable and consistent way that reduces the load time without the visible loss of quality.

One can apply this easily to different media from images to audio files. This way, reducing the memory footprint of your app becomes easy. In any case, if the memory footprint of your application expands, your mobile app can look for itself having to make another sudden, but elegant exit.

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Ad Clutter

Do you know that in-app advertising is still in its initial days? There are lots of ad-reliant mobile products that are sensing like entering the Wild West because of this reason. Therefore, it is easy for mobile app teams to arrange to generate short-term ad revenue over developing a long-term vision.

As per the recent report by Tune, it came to know that 24.6% of their survey’s respondents claimed to use ad blockers on their mobile devices. Apart from this, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) also published one report in alignment with Tune’s data, claiming 73% of media execs calling for major UX overhauls in digital marketing around the board.

The result of the surveys illustrates that the digital advertising problems are a result of having to meet the demands of “liquid audiences, which find content across a range of mediums, platforms, and devices.”

So, these are the different reasons that might force your mobile app users to abandon your application. Considering above mentioned reasons can help you to reduce the app abandon rate and increase app store download.

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