Redesign Your App to Raise the Mobile App Engagement like TechCrunch & Airbnb


It is the expected evolution of design as things that make a design beautiful and attractive in one generation can make it out-of-date in the next. That’s why a lot of popular websites and apps like Airbnb and TechCrunch are investing in redesigning their mobile applications.

As app users begin to adopt a new wave of design, brands should also adopt new technologies, screen sizes, features, and functionalities to improve the experience of their app users. Every design has its shelf life, which may lose its charm after some time, and it can also affect the mobile app engagement.

Hence, it is must to maintain the look of the application to keep it updated like TechCrunch and Airbnb did. Both the brands have recently redesigned their apps that made their way to boost mobile app engagement ratio among their users across the world.

Talking about the TechCrunch, the mobile app was in serious need of a refreshment, so the company has rebuilt it from the ground-up with the main aim of giving an easy access to the news. For a long time, TechCrunch has had an application; however, it hadn’t been well-maintained, and it became outdated, even as mobile consumption of news grew over the years.

No matter what type and size of application you have for your business, redesign an app can help you to maintain app engagement and make your app user-friendly. If you are still in dilemma like why to redesign an app, here are some of the reasons why you should redesign your app.

Reasons Why Should You Redesign an Application

Suffice Your Customers’ Requirements While Redesigning

One of the main reasons to redesign your application is making it according to your customers’ requirements and serve them with more advanced features. Developing a quality application experience can encourage the community to run, but layering it with an identity that speaks to the audience has also been a major focus for brands.

You can look closely at the audience, who make use of your application and get the most value from it. They don’t want to compete head-to-head, they just want encouragement, guidance, and motivation. With this user insights, you will know that it’s high time for your application to make a change in its look and positioning so that users can inspire more meaningful connection with your community.

Most Powerful Thing that You can do Your Company’s Presence

Redesigning your mobile application is considered as the most powerful thing that you can do for your business and its online presence. Primarily, a mobile application is the communication tool that bridges the gap between you and your customers.

But in case, if your app users are finding it difficult to know about you and what your business is all about, the chances are high that you can lose an opportunity to make a first great impression in front of them. So, redesigning an app would be a wonderful option so that your users can access it easily.

Enhance Your App’s Performance

In this modern technology age, users like the things that happen off the bat. And nothing is more irritating for them than the mobile app that takes times to open and connect. Many a time, the effort of engineering the best designs, graphics, and layout increase the size of the content that impact the app’s loading speed and make a bad impression on the users.

So, redesigning an application would be a great option as the size of the images and graphics can be decreased and designs that are not necessary can be removed so that the content gets loaded easily. By improving your app’s performance, you can give an amazing user experience to app users and can top the charts and score positive ratings.

Examples of Brands or Websites That Recently Redesigned Their Apps


Recently, the tiny-but-mighty product team of TechCrunch has launched the redesigned TechCrunch application for Android and iOS users earlier this month. The company has entirely redesigned the app with the goal of serving users with easy to access news that they care about.

To redesign its application in a better way, the company surveyed its current users and closely observed the reviews at the app store so that it can comprehend users’ needs and serve them accordingly.

If you also wanted to redesign your application, it is important that you know your current targeted audience and their needs. You can also look at the app store reviews to know the demands of your users.

In addition to this, you make sure that the new design of your app is easy to access, and it should not confuse your users like TechCrunch’s new upgrade is confusing some of the users as you can see in the below comment.



Uber has also redesigned its application. And it was a major Uber app redesign. The all new Uber design is much faster and simpler than before. One of the most important parts of Uber app upgrade is its new feature that is known as Uber Feed.

While redesigning the application, Uber mainly focused on getting its users from point A to Point B. Uber feed fills the gap between. Once the driver starts the trip, the app experience transforms. As the car pulls away from the curb, a scrollable feed of card will appear from the bottom of the screen, covering the old-school map of your trip in progress.

At the time of redesigning an app, it is a must that you ask your users about their needs and what they are looking for in the app. Know their pain points that they are facing in the app and give a solution of their problem. As you can see in the below-mentioned comment, the user is still facing problem in the group rides that were by default.


So, these are some of the examples of top brands that recently redesigned their applications for users. It is essential while redesigning we comprehend users’ requirements and look at the app store reviews so that we can improve the performance of the app.

Conclusion –

First, the entire process of redesign an app seems easy yet simple to follow, but gradually, you will find it difficult because you need to ensure the new app design, done by professional Android or iPhone app development company, gives rich user experience. It is must that mobile redesigning solves UX issues, accommodate new goals, evolve interaction design, modernize the look and feel of the app, and enhance the user base. It can be done in a right way if you comprehend your users’ requirements and discuss them with professional app designers, who already have experienced in redesigning an application.

Still, if you can any query or confusion related to redesign an app, you can get in touch with our team of app designers through below form, and they will get back to you with a right solution.

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