Reasons why Open Source Technology is Favorite of Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Enterprise mobility solutions strive for two major things: business agility and increased productivity. Mobile applications are in each enterprise’s mind and for the right reasons so. However, when it comes to brainstorming and finalizing the technology that an enterprise wants to prefer, open source technology clearly emerges as winner.

In a research report titled: “Development Landscape: 2013” carried out by Forrester Research, it was noted that 76% developers have used open-source technology at some or the other level of their mobile application development. It is true that there is a popular perception that open source technology is a big turn off for enterprises, but, even in that market, a large percentage of enterprises often prefer to go for enterprise mobility solutions based on open source technology.

Let us know some of the reasons for this preference.

Cost-effectiveness of open source technology

Open source technology does not need enterprises to build separate operating system and a testing framework. This then allows them to focus on the core area of their product. This gives enterprises much more freedom in terms of focusing on the product and that too with cost-effectiveness.

A pleasant thing that has happened with advent of open source technology is resumed popularity of customized mobile applications. Open source has facilitated enterprises to demand customized mobile applications from mobile application development company at a fraction of costs. This has even contributed to the popularity of BYOD and now COPE culture.

Qualitatively better mobile applications

It is not just its cost-effectiveness that is attracting any type of enterprise towards open source technology. It is also about quality. The argument put forward for its being qualitatively better than other technology, is that when there is any disturbance in code, it can be identified easily and rectified quickly.

However, it is equally important to have a mobile application development company like Space-O which is professional and efficient at handling the intricacies and complexities involved in open source technology. You need to make sure that mobile developers are certified and know their job quite well.

More flexibility, more agility

By agility, we are meaning swiftness to update the software development without being too much dependent on vendors. Expert mobile application developers any professional mobile application development company make the enterprises benefit from this very crucial benefit of open source technology. This in turn increases enterprises’ ability to react quickly to the demands of business.

In order to handle any customized mobile application development on an open source technology, developers do not need to buy a specialized hardware. Moreover, there is no need of buying a license or software to use any codes into mobile application development. This explains why open source technology is preferred for cloud-based applications. With this, enterprises enjoy scalable and flexible mobility solutions.

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These are some of the considerations that enterprises have in mind when they decide to go for mobile application development for their enterprise mobility solutions based on open source technology.

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