Reasons why Direct Carrier Billing is going to Dominate Mobile App Development


Well, it is quiet, but very sure of its place and scope. It may not have caught your imagination as iPhone or Android might have done in past, but, it is going to amuse you, once you get introduced to you.

It is not something that you do not know, but, it is something the presence of which you have never cared to recognize or to optimize to the fullest to be precise.

Okay. We are not talking about any mysterious entity but our very own direct carrier billing which has been there since long when we purchased ring tones and wall papers on our mobiles. It has now expanded its horizon in other segments of economy and that too app economy with which we are mostly concerned here at this space.

Juniper Research gave us statistics wherein in 2012, there were 56 billion apps that were downloaded and this is going to be 160 billion in 2017. In this, market share of direct carrier billing is going to be $11 billion and $13 billion in the years of 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The direct carrier billing has 300% year-over-year growth on Google Play. Also, with 51% of share of app store revenue, Latin America tops the region where it is widely popular. This is followed by 31% share by Asia-Pacific.

Apart from these facts related to hard economy, socio-cultural factors too are going to contribute in the wide spread of direct carrier billing. And, these are the factors that all the enterprises and mobile application development need to know in order to monetize this great opportunity in the world of mobile application development.

  • Direct carrier billing inevitably means that a user can directly purchase any good or service with a few taps on her smart phone. It means she does not have to have credit card or bank account. This gives a lot of flexibility to two major segments of our population
    • housewives who may not be in direct control or access of money
    • children who are obviously not given the “burden” of handling money
  • In a lesser exposed/developed regions where financial institutions have not been able to offer their various services i.e. credit cards or bank accounts. Enterprises can tap this lack of resources in such regions and start offering their services through robust mobile applications that provide this facility of direct carrier billing
  • According to one research, direct carrier billing is expected to bring communications services providers $12 billion revenues which is quite an impressive mark in an emerging mobile payments market
  • Going by this prediction, there is a great opportunity lying for communications service providers who can straight away provide a payment option to consumers in over-the-top market. These providers can then take their margin of profits that are surely expected to grow as the popularity and the need of this type of mobile payment increases.

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