Reasons to Hire Android App Developers from India

mobile app developers in India

Being an open-source system, Android is synonymous with diversity and flexibility. Add to this comes robust security, when in 2013 Google made it a point to make Android’s native security much stronger and sustainable.

Gartner has estimated Android shipments to top over one billion in 2014 which is three times the number of iOS devices. It is therefore apparent that android application development services would be in demand in 2014 and the years to come.

While it is true that Android market share still needs to succeed in securing incredible success in enterprises in the tune to iOS, it is probable that number of Android devices would be catalyst in arriving at this much-deserved success. In such a scenario, there is every reason for offshore Android developers to seize this opportunity and be on top of the game.

Let us explore some of the reasons why you need to hire Android developers from India and make most out of their ability to develop unique and impressive Android applications.

Enhancing Productivity of Applications
Google’s latest version of Android – KitKat is unfolding great opportunities for Android app developers in India. Read more about it here. This is considered to be a major platform to enhance productivity and overall user experience.

KitKat combines two things – Google’s stupendous search technology and data on mobile device. Offshore Android developers leverage this technology and functionality so that users can access information, data, contacts and other apps such as Gmail, Chrome, Search, Drive and Maps.

Seasoned offshore Android developers can also exploit Google Now – the coolest app to enhance productivity. It is dubbed as Google’s virtual personal assistant that is keen to learn about you and before the user needs information about her, it delivers it on time. This is the tool which is integrated in KitKat making it the most secure and productivity enhancing update of Android.

Great Capacity to Build Cloud-Enabled Apps
Having cloud computing applications on Android device means more power to your smart phone. Android application developers in India make it a point to leverage Android framework to build rich cloud-enabled apps. Cloud based apps with internet activity help synchronize data with a remote web service keeping the sync intact across the devices.

Offshore Android developers in the company such as Space-O are well-versed with the strategies needed to develop cloud-enabled applications. These strategies include integration of data with cloud with the help of back-end web application, backing up of data with the use of cloud when users try to restore data when they install an application on a new device.

You can see the portfolio of Space-O’s expert Android App developers in India here.

Gaming Applications for Infotainment
If wider and more meaningful penetration of Android pertaining to enterprise mobility solutions is likely to happen, gaming apps too fall in the same category. Android app developers in India are efficient and experienced enough to create Android gaming apps for both – fun and information – that is for both entertainment and educational purposes. The advertising segment is yet another sector that offshore Android developers excel in.

These are some of the areas and sectors in which Android App developers in India contribute greatly. What are you waiting for then? Hire mobile app developers from India and make the most out of your Android app development project.

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