Reasons for which You Need to Hire Android Application Developer


When the data from all sorts of resources suggest that four out of every five smart phones are Android, it is difficult to deny the dominance of Android in the market. In the last quarter of the year 2013, 80% of the shipped devices were Android. With this one reason emerges for you to hire Android application developer – that is enormous popularity of Android devices.

The data also indicates that average growth rate of the demand of Android developers remains high at 90%. Also, while hiring rate of Android application developers remain at 47%, the same rate of hiring senior Android app developers is 133%. These figures rather substantiate your reason to hire Android application developer.

But, apart from that, Android application development is fraught with challenges that can be best overcome only when hire Android application developer. Let us have a look at those challenges and decide whether they are indeed good reasons why you need an Android application developer on board.

Support for multiple devices/version

While there are five devices in the market that run on iOS, there are over 170 types of devices that run on Android. It is therefore very important that you hire Android application developer who can develop an app that can run on target devices irrespective of screen sizes, and version.

While undertaking an Android application development, a thorough research has to be done while selecting any specific version for the prospective app. This is also one of the reasons why you need to hire Android application developer. A developer knows the nuances of the different versions of Android and that can be of great help in the overall success of Android application development.

Creating great user experience via understanding user preference

The major goal of any mobile application is to provide great user experience. In order to do so, a developer needs to be aware about the prevalent user preferences and behaviors. Keeping oneself updated about user preference means to be aware about how the users handle various features such as touch screen, keyboard etc. There are possibilities that one button in a specific device may function differently in other device. Hence, when you hire Android application developer, you can rest assured that she knows those differences and can handle them well by developing and testing the app accordingly.

Concerns of Security

Android is an open source technology, and therefore it has intricate security issues. However, in the year of 2013, Google has tried its best and that too successfully to address these issues. When you hire Android application developer, you are making sure that the security concerns are addressed properly.

There are many professional mobile application development companies that facilitate various packages for Android application developers to hire. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose from them and even get the tailor-made package specifically for your requirement.

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To hire Android application developer is to be more focused on the core area of your enterprise rather than developing mobile applications. Leave it to experts like Space-O, and be more focused on other areas of business.

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