Real Time Apps Development – Not Just A Trend, It’s A Necessity


Real time or real time technology! Used a lot but were never clear about the concept?
Good. Think of it this way!

A fairy tale explanation to ‘Real time‘ concept

On a sunny afternoon, you leave your house to meet a friend and have an ice cream with her. Well you have thought of giving her a surprise and when you reach her home, you knock the door. She opens the door and you both share greetings, after which you ask her out for an ice cream. Without a moment’s pause she says yes and takes some money out of her wallet, ready to leave.

Once at the ice cream parlor, both of you order your share of ice cream and in a moment got it. After that, you pay the amount needed and leave to live happily ever after.

In this story, there are a few incidents that describe what happens, in real time itself. The friend heard what you had to say and said yes without delay. She did not take a few minutes to process the data you had given and then decide. On the other hand the ice-cream vendor reacted immediately to your demand of ice-cream, making sure services have kicked in, as soon as the demand has come in. Also, once the ice creams were received, the two of you made sure you paid for it immediately.

The only common thing amongst all these three incidents is the action that inspires an immediate reaction, without a moment’s delay. This instantaneous response is done in real time. In the same way, if an action produces a reaction, using an application, without the loss of a moment, it is known to be done in real time app development.

Why does an app need to be real time?

Making Real time apps that can respond to the user’s request instantly, are the trends of today and is more engaging. Gone are the days of static apps. Real time apps bring altogether a new experience, the way we shop, travel, communicate, work and educate.

Do you know the app you use most frequently, say WhatsApp, Facebook, FB Messenger, and many others, are all using this real time data processing technology. In short real time apps reflect real life experience of action and reaction or cause and effect, on an immediate basis.

Developing of Real Time Apps with Laravel & Pusher

laravel+pusherLaravel and Pusher, comparatively new tools for developing a real time application, are making much chaos now. Every developer is making an attempt to use these tools and adopt or adapt their plus points in developing an elegant app. Laravel is a platform that helps one is creating an application while Pusher is the tool that helps in making the app real time. As a matter of fact, for the Laravel community, Pusher has become their choice of tool for making Real Time Apps.

Infact, Laravel and Pusher have been taking this combination so seriously, that recently, Pusher, wrote a few tutorials on how to build apps using Laravel and Pusher. Using this opportunity, we at Space-O, have also attempted to start learning and building apps with Laravel and Pusher.

Our Real Time App Development Experiments!

  • Glovo – A Courier Delivery App in Spain
  • WHENitize – Realtime Distance Monitoring & Tracking App
  • MSB – My Safety Buddy
  • Trackster

Challenges faced while developing ‘Real Time Apps‘ and how to overcome it?

Technology is shaping the way 21st century lives, communicates, connects, shares, buys and more. And it is due to this that even a second’s delay can cause the whole system to crumble. It is due to this, that the power of real time is worshiped in the entire world and many attempts have been made to make sure the as many as apps possible, get affiliated with real time.

However, developing a real time app is no cheesecake. It takes precision and perfection from the side of the developer to get this done. Here are the challenges one can face while making a real time app and these are the solution to be applied:

  • The wire frame of this application is a challenge in itself as real time apps are dynamic not static.
  • The key challlenges that need to be obtained while developing real time apps are Performance, Efficiency & reliability.
  • Load handling is a biggest challenge for real time apps. The app needs to be prepared for thousands of people using the application at the same time. Apps need to remain resilient against component failures or crashes.
  • To every activity done using the app, the response must be immediate. This means that even if there are thousands of users are online at the same time, there should be no delay in the response.

It is impossible to predict how many users will use an app at the same point of time and thereby making it difficult for the developers to sustain the app in terms of the response giving time or making sure it doesn’t crash.

Real time applications and their supporting infrastructure need to be robust and efficient as more of society shifts its everyday interactions online. Fundamental advances in technology, many driven by the open source community, are making it possible for today’s mobile app developers to stay ahead of the scalable computing needs of consumers.

Concluding Note

Mobility joining hands with real time is the solution that will never let reality slow down. Real-time apps are a must have nowadays.They are the future of applications and more importantly the key to a lot of questions and a solution to a lot of problems. Even as it is, it can be said that only 30% of the potential of Real Time features have been used and the rest of the 70% is yet to be explored. It is a matter of time before.

So if you are thinking of an app development with real time controls and instant data processing, find the innovation at Space-O. Reach us now!


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