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Do you want to make $$$ and secure your place in the league of Candy Crush Saga makers?

Do you envision Candy Crush style games as your gateway to become rich?

If you answer in affirmation, then this one is for you.

Read on what Space-O can do for you to develop Candy Crush like games for your iPhone and Android devices.

Why Hire Game Developers from Space-O to develop Candy Crush style games?

Mobile Game developers at Space-O know the intricacies involved in re-skinning of such popular match-3 style puzzle games, and also they are well-equipped to develop candy crush like games and make you lots of money faster

Try our developers and see what Candy Crush like games can do for you.

Candy Crush App Source Code

Thinking to re-skin Candy Crush Saga with source code by yourself?

But, why would you do a task which you are not comfortable in working with?

And, why would you NOT hand it over to those who can develop it efficiently?

Space-O has created a special engine to develop Candy Crush like games. This ensures faster and flawless development of games, resulting in faster ROI.

Take advantage of the expertise we have in creating Candy Crush saga like games and take a sigh of relief in investing in a trustworthy technology partner!

Rationale behind re-skinning Candy Crush like games

It is simple: faster money without guilt.

Yes, re-skinning is no less an art. Our clients feel that joy when they get to interact with us and our expert developers.

We offer re-skinning of apps because we do believe that making money out of great opportunity is a matter of ability and efficiency.

Space-O claims to have that in its DNA - to grab the opportunity and make the most out of it.

Let us materialize your dream of making HUGE money by re-skinning Candy Crush Saga source code.

Market Games like Candy Crush Saga with Space-O

Space-O excels at marketing as well.

When we become your technology partner in developing games, we do it with the multi-pronged approach to make the application successful.

Apart from Standard App Store Optimization stuff such as optimizing the screenshots and keywords, icon and writing meaningful App description that sell, our marketing team understands the bits and pieces of the leading Mobile Ad Platforms such as Chartboost, RevMob, Applovin and so on and how they can be leveraged to promote such a Candy Crush Saga like games.

FAQs for Reskin Candy Crush Saga like Games

Although its ETA depends upon the App’s specifications and other variables, typically it takes up to two weeks.

The first and the foremost - a game that makes users addictive and challenges them to explore new possibilities of the game. But, isn't it the very purpose of developing a game similar to Candy Crush Saga? Let us know if you mean something more than this.

There is more than one way like In-app purchases, Mobile Advertising - interstitials and banners. And here comes a master tip: Sell your traffic to Top Game Developers, who develop games similar to Candy Crush Saga or other match three games.

A possibility to compound the profit: You can create more than one Candy Crush Saga like games with an altogether different re-skin theme.

Now, let us straightaway take you to the "ways" of making money out of Candy Crush Saga like games:

  • Meaningful re-creation - It is more than just re-skinning. The development may introduce new ways to include In-app purchases, More Apps buttons for Video Ads monetization and more. So, when you re-create a game like Candy Crush Saga, you not only use the same source code and re-skin it, you reimagine what's possible from the newer heights.
  • Freemium or in-app purchase is making gaming companies take in HUGE money. As per 9to5Mac, makers of Candy Crush Saga made an estimated $633,000 a day and it can reach $230 million a year!
  • As per the research house IHS, in 2013, spending on mobile games via in-app purchases went up by 60% in U.S. to $16.5 billion. Why not take advantage of such trend where users are willing to spend money in return of a great gaming experience?
  • Ad integration done sensibly can be a great marketing tool. It can also turn out to be a great means to generate revenue. Space-O approaches ad integration sensibly without spoiling the gaming experience.

We have an exclusive marketing team to take care of marketing of games similar to Candy Crush Saga. App marketing professionals at Space-O leverage marketing platforms for gaming applications like Chartboost, RevMob and others to their fullest.

Well, have a look at our testimonial page. Also, in an era of distrust, trust is still not obsolete. You could work with us on a pilot project and experience it yourself.

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I had a great experience working with Space-O and I am so glad I chose them for my project. I think the way I explained my idea to them was a bit vague because I'm not a technical person but still they understood it really well, optimized it and laid out a perfect work plan. Extremely professional in all aspects of development - pre-development phase & documentation as well as execution, etc. The team's responsiveness is amazing and they work fast and efficiently to fix any bugs and deliver exactly what is requested. Space-O is a perfect fit for everyone who's new at this business or who have experience. I highly recommend Space-O and am looking forward to working with them again.DesisLava
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