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Space-O Testimonial

I think a lot of the time there isn’t such a black-and-white difference between what’s a platform and what’s an app. It’s really just like the most important apps become platforms. – Mark Zuckerberg (Co-founder of Facebook), explaining the importance of apps.

For almost a decade, we have assisted enterprises, businesses and startups to achieve unprecedented success by developing mobile apps that ultimately became platforms. Glovo is one such app developed by us that has become a very popular platform in Spain, providing an on-demand delivery service. 

That perhaps piqued your interest in Space-O Technologies and you might want to check our reviews to know more regarding what our clients say of us. 

Keeping the chaotic web in mind, we have decided to write a dedicated blog to help you find all the reviews in one place. Herein we have clubbed our reviews and feedback from various places, so it’s easy for you to go through.

Testimonials from our clients

These are some of our testimonials on our website. You may see them here.

You can read these reviews to know how we have helped our clients to make their dream project successful. 

space-o technologies reviews

Reviews from Clutch:

These are two of our reviews of 30 reviews from Clutch, a B2B Ratings & Review Aggregator. We provided a mobile payment solution for IMGRADO  that enables users to smoothly transfer money among themselves and clients.

For Third Degree Inc, due to their urgent need, we also worked on weekends. Their app was a hit and had a 5 fold increase in users within a short span.

space-o technologies reviews

space-o technologies reviews

Review From Good Firms

Our clients here mention their experiences working with us and how our mobile app solutions gave an entirely new horizon to their businesses. 

space-o technologies reviews

space-o technologies reviews

Review From Upwork:-

space-o technologies reviews

We have mentioned the gist from Upwork.

We hope now you have got a clear perception regarding our clients’ review and how they benefitted from our apt services. 

Now speaking about Google reviews, these reviews are mostly from our past and current employees. Here is a snippet from a total of 127 reviews on Google.

mobile app development

This was all about our reviews from clients and employees. We, at Space-O Technologies, have enabled a lot of B2B and B2C companies to achieve unparalleled heights and at the same time, our employees also had an exceptional career growth.

So, if you also have any mobile app idea that you want to convert into an app, but not sure what to do next, just get in touch with us. We are into a application development for iOS and Android in the mobile app industry for almost a decade and helping big enterprises, companies, and startups to optimize their business through mobile apps. 

Just share your app idea with us through our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free.

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