How a Radio Taxi Solution Can Help You Establish Successful TaxiCab Business?

radio taxi solution

We’ve witnessed drastic changes in transportation over the past few years. The manual dispatch software of radio taxi solution has revolutionized the entire process of how we travel within the city.

Today, many radio taxi services have adopted the mobile app trend to manage their manual dispatch operations. As a result, it has helped passengers to easily book, track, and pay online for their rides.

The radio taxi business has emerged as one of the fastest growing businesses in transportation sector across different countries. And the way radio taxi business is running today is highly impressive. It is acting as an intermediary between passengers and government-licenced taxi drivers. Both passengers and drivers pay the company for the transportation services respectively and that’s how a radio taxi business earns its profit.

In this article, we’ve explored the radio taxi industry, how it runs through different business models, and challenges for the existing and new players in the industry. Now, the difference between radio taxi business and app based taxi business seem like only little, so to clear all doubts the difference is clarified between the two as you read on.

In fact, we’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs in our journey to convert their startup idea into successful mobile app and establish their businesses. We’ve provided readymade solution for radio taxi services, and also built Uber like app for entrepreneurs planning to get into taxi business.

However, the idea of what a radio taxi is, and how it actually works has been a nightmare for many who are already in taxi business as well as also those who like to step into it.

So, let’s start from basics.

What is Radio Taxi?

In simple terms, a Radio taxi is a taxi that operates through radio signals. When a passenger calls the helpline number of radio taxi cab service, the operator communicates with driver via radio signals to locate available nearest taxi. Then the taxi reaches the customer as required at the specific time and place.

How a Radio Taxi Solution Works?

radio taxi service

Generally, when a passenger calls the taxi helpline and requests for a taxi, the operator at the cab’s call centre will use radio signal to locate the nearest available taxi near passenger’s location and send the taxi. All taxis are usually in touch with their base using radio signals. These taxis are connected to manual dispatch software which has data of which taxis are available at which locations.

What Makes The Taxi Business a Good Option to Invest In?

There are multiple industrial forces that has led Radio taxi industry to rise where it is today. You may also be aware of the investors and entrepreneurs trying to enter the market. Point being, investing in a radio taxi business has become most viable option than ever. And the following industrial forces have made it happen.

Lack of Public Transport Facilities:

The public transport facilities are still insufficient to many part of the metro cities. In fact, modern, safe, and comfortable transportation facilities are hardly available which is why many customers are ready to pay higher for the comfort and safety, boosting the radio taxi market.

Influx of Tourist:

The Number of foreign visitors in popular countries such as U.S., U.K., India, Canada, and so on is growing consistently everyday. And it is still expected to rise. This also further boosts the demand of radio taxis all over the world.

Demand From Corporate Sector and Metro Cities:

The corporate sector and metro cities such as New York are creating significant growth opportunity for radio taxi businesses. Moreover, majority of young working class from metro cities prefer radio taxi services due to enhanced convenience and safety guarantee.

Change in Consumer Mindset:

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly shifting from traditional yellow taxis to modern radio taxis equipped with AC, 24×7 customer support, other tangible features, and most importantly: their safety.

However, Despite these industrial forces boosting radio taxi market, many radio taxi providers often face challenges in the taxi industry.

Challenges Faced By Radio Taxi Businesses

Challenge #1 – Obtaining Precise Location of Passenger:

As you probably know that obtaining the precise location in radio taxi business is still a challenge for some businesses. Drivers often get confused finding their customers on their given address. And this generally leads to delay in the trip, making customer unhappy.


You may already know that many consumers have turned to ride-sharing apps like Uber for transportation. Such apps have the feature of obtaining user location, helping drivers instantly find their passengers and pick them. But, in many cases, passengers still have to contact the helpline number to book a taxi and the main problem arises here. The problem of finding the passenger at the given address.

However, this problem can also be resolved by an advanced manual taxi dispatch system where driver can get the passenger details include pickup location, drop off location, and passenger details right in his smartphone.

Space-O Technology has been involved in development of many manual dispatch softwares for radio taxi businesses. Additionally, We also provide Uber like app development services for those who wants to shift from manual dispatch to mobile app.

Challenge #2 – Providing Better Solution Than Just a Helpline Number:

As you are already aware about the process: when a passenger needs a cab, s/he needs to call Taxi helpline number for the same, give details and wait for the driver. The problem here is that passengers cannot when their drivers will arrive, or where is the driver at for the moment.


This entire process can be simplified with a mobile app solution. In fact, many taxi businesses have done it as well. Mobile app solution provides tracking feature to know the exact location of drivers and estimated time to arrive for picking up the passenger, which gives peace of mind to the customers.

You can either hire mobile app developers to build it or directly use our readymade solution which can help in manual dispatch operations, obtaining precise location, and receive payments through app directly.

So, If you own a taxi business or a fleet of cars, you can upgrade your business process by shifting to mobile app platform from traditional manual dispatch software. By doing so, you can simplify your business in a great way by allowing your customers directly book a taxi from our readymade app solution and the drivers can receive complete details of the passenger in the driver app.

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