Browse Through These Features of Queer Dating App – Thurst. How is it Changing the Game?


Before settling down for the so-called “Mr. or Mrs. Perfect”, the seeker tries to have had many dates as possible from a wide variety of platforms to choose from.

In this modern era, people are too busy being social in real life. And, meeting a very new being has become a serious problem. That’s why dating sites, and later, dating apps emerged. Earlier, dating sites were on the trend, but now the dating app is a new cool. And presently, the best dating apps are very much a part of the millennial landscape.

Dating apps have become more popular among adults. However, finding out the safe and secure platform in terms of a dating app is a big deal for many of us. Because, all dating platforms do not provide a safe, comfortable, and secure platform as what user expects.

According to the latest news from TechCrunch, Tinder has declared the launch of a new feature that is known as Festival Mode. This feature is mainly designed to connect singles attending the same music festival. Similar to Spring Break Mode, this mode will also involve the use of badges on user profiles to indicate an upcoming destination.

But, from now on, the things like which dating app should pick or not, will no longer bother you. After exploring a variety of dating apps, especially for Queer and transgenders, we landed on the best dating app – Thurst. According to one of the founders of Thurst app – Morgen Bromell, “Our main focus is pretty much security and safety”. This is the reason why this app is called as a promising dating app for queer. That is why one can rely on it, without a doubt.


Basically, it is an online dating app that provides a secure and safe platform for queer of all genders. It is the only lesbian dating app, which caters to queer, transgender, and non-binary people of color. The aim of Thurst dating app is to build a sense of community among LGBTQ people to challenge Western heteronormative and oppressive expectations dating standards in order to find out serious and reliable connections.

In this article, we have compiled some of the top features of Thurst app, which were limited for queer and trans on other dating apps. But, by signing up with Thurst, they will get results on their personal preferences.

Features of Queer Dating App

1.Platform for All

Thurst has overcome the problem faced by Queer & Trans on Other Dating Apps like Grindr, Scruff & Her.

Alike Thurst, there are dating apps for gay men, like Grindr and Scruff, and one for queer women is Her. All these dating apps have lack inclusion and gender affirmation. But, this dating app has broken the monotony as it includes queer people of all genders.

2.Safe & Secure

One of the biggest things that users have been missing out so far in the dating apps like Tinder, Grindr and Stuff is – lack of security. Dating app Users no longer feel comfortable with using these apps. On the other hand, the co-founder of Thurst assures safety and security. Bromell said, “Our main focus is pretty much security and safety”.

thurst app


3.Community-based Interaction

Thurst provides community-based interaction for queer and transgender people. The dating app is based on geo-location and allowing users to connect with queer and trans people nearby.

queer dating apps


Last, but not the least, Thurst app is intended to be a platform to simplify the genuine connection between the users, which might have missed out on the previous dating apps. Also, it is free from racism, sexism, discrimination, hate speech, and shaming of any kind.


Everything from the above, we’ve analyzed the features of the queer dating app from our point of view. While Grindr, Scruff, and Her are other dating app platforms, but they include limited features. Whereas, Thurst welcomes each individual through the single signup process. So, if you have an idea regarding a dating app like Thurst, or are planning for best dating apps for Lesbians, you can discuss with our experienced android app development team by just filling up the form below. We will be privileged and revert you within 48 hours.

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