Line, a Japanese Messaging App, Raised Around $1 Billion and Valued at up to $6 Billion

Line App

Since Facebook bought the messaging app WhatsApp, for $19 billion two years ago, many stockholders have been waiting to put a price on chat apps.

Today is the day for the investors, as Japan’s popular messaging app, Line is making its stock market debut.

Line Raised Funding

Surprisingly, Line raised around $1 billion and is valued at up to $6 billion – that shows the general highlight about the excitement around messaging apps. The appeal for brands and publishers to reach audience there grows, as more people are living out their mobile lives in messaging environments.

Line is making a strong case to be a global player of significance in a still-promising landscape.

Japan messaging app Line has decided to take up bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to resist the competition raised from Facebook and famous messaging apps.

Having around 200 million monthly users, Line recently reported the formation of its new financial services to initiate a progress towards cryptocurrencies and other services like loans and insurance. Currently, Line is running a payment service which has 40 million users with $4 billion in annual GMV.

The number of users is growing, however, this percentage growth has plateaued, according to Line’s report. Josh Horwitz, a correspondent for Quartz highlights that the time for its IPO could have been two years ago before Facebook got such an edge and growth slowed.

Line monthly active users

Line – Closing the distance

Line is a messaging application that was developed at the time of 2011 Japanese Tsunami, when many normal channels of communication had broken down, and only Line app was working for its staff as a means of internet-based communication.

Before gaining traction in other Asian countries, this application is opened for the public in Japan later that year, where it became popular.

Similar to app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, Line messaging application offers games, animated emojis, and stickers.

In addition, it also offers call and message service, book taxis, make mobile payments, read news and entertainment posts, stream music, find discount vouchers, and do a lot more things.

Line also has a physical store that sells merchandise featuring famous characters of app’s stickers and games.

Why the Demand of Messaging Application, Line Has Raised?

Similar to popular messaging app like POP messenger and WhatsApp, LINE app also dominated the digital world. Line Friends, a new store opened in Tokyo in 2015 and from that it is owned by the social media based company.    

Despite Line offers free calls and messages, it has earned revenue through merchandises, selling of digital stickers, online app games, and collaborated with celebrities in Asia for advertisement and commercial purposes.

Somehow, Line is different from other messaging application, as it expanded from simple sticker-sending and messaging app to excellent and interesting app with games.

Recently, Japanese messaging app, Line Raised 115.5 billion Yen

Japanese messaging app operator Line Corp. priced its dual initial public offering in Tokyo and New York at the top by raising $1.14 billion.

Line will start trading in New York first, after in Tokyo, priced at ¥3,300 a share, which is supposed to the largest technology listing this year so far.

As the global markets whirled from the effect of the U.K.’s vote to consent the European Union, Line had deferred establishing its IPO price range in late June.

However, the company raised its target range when stockholders are intense on the IPO regardless of the recent market turmoil ensuing the Brexit vote.

In the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Line is offering 13 million new shares while in the New York Stock Exchange, it offers 22 million shares.

Remaining shares will be sold through a “greenshoe” option that enables for the issuance of extra shares if there is incomparable demand.

Develop Chat Messaging Line App Clone or an App Like Line? Why?

Line messaging application has a striking quality of converting an online business into real-life product sales. This is how it developed its own brand.

Not just only providing messaging and calling service for free, but also Line earned maximum revenue from its other services.

Generally, many of us are thinking that copying feature of Line app means we are making app clone. It’s not so true. When we are developing clone service that means we are integrating the best features of chat applications and develop an advanced level of an app that offers entirely new experience through design and functionality.

Making a clone of Line app isn’t a simple development. A clone app has a different design, features, and functionality. If you consider cloning is just like that, then there will be no users or downloads. Let’s focus an app clone with interesting and used features from the current app and make a better and brand new version of line app clone.


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