On demand Water Delivery App

H2GO is a web and app-based on-demand water delivery system helping thousands of consumers quench their thirst by delivering filtered water.


The Carco app helps users buy and sell cars and car accessories & get information about traffic, police radar, and emergency vehicles.
Ryan Spiteri Fitness

Ryan Spiteri Fitness

Ryan Spiteri is a fitness app that allows users to fill up a questionnaire to get a customized meal plan from professional nutritionists.


JOBbeJOB is an on-demand staffing app for UK residents for both job offerers and job seekers to fulfill their respective purposes.
laundry app

EasyClean: Laundry App

EasyClean is an on-demand laundry service app solution that offers customers the ability to find the nearest laundry shops and vendors.


Nuzhah is an Airbnb-like app for booking hotels, chalets, & resorts. It comes in 2 variants – Nuzhah for guests and Nuzhah for hosts.


Jabrool is an Uber package-delivery app solution that connects delivery drivers and parcel senders in real-time across Saudi Arabia.

Swype Dating App

Swype is a dating app exclusively made for people of Ghana, Africa. This location-based dating app is an ideal way to bring people together.

Singing Telegram

Singing Telegrams is an app specifically designed for party telegram performers in Los Angeles, allows residents to hire singing telegrams.

Lacy- Alcohol Delivery App

Lacy is an online liquor delivery app to order alcohol, beer, wine online from local stores and get liquor delivered wherever you want.


Dhaw is an on-demand photographer app available for photography enthusiasts to find and hire the best photographers near you.


One8 is a cloud-based transportation management system to make transport requests, get an optimized route, and track drivers.

School Bus Tracking App

Baloora, a vehicle tracking system, helps parents and school administrators track kids' school buses in real-time with GPS technology.

Juvi, Video App For Kids

Juvi is a video-streaming app for kids, partnered with YouTube Kids. Parents get a video monitoring service to filter the suitable content.
Virtual Party App

Virtual Party App

Veebo is a virtual party app that lets you create parties, make custom invitations, and hire vendors for making the perfect event.

PayNow For Stripe

PayNow for Stripe is a secure and quick NFC payment app that offers users to accept credit card payments on their phones.

Gallery Guardian

Gallery Guardian is an app for parents to keep an eye on their children, protecting them from sharing and receiving inappropriate images.

Flickbay – Bollywood Ka App

Flickbay is an intelligent film discovery platform that understands user behavior to personalize content for keeping them entertained.


FTCash provides you with a means of paying vendors, shopkeepers, restaurants, and others without needing to carry a wallet.

Counting in Japanese

Counting in Japanese is a language learning app that helps users count different objects in Japanese with the 27 most common ways.