The Best Advice For WINE Drinkers

A natively built app for wine explorers, for iPhone users.

The Best Advice For WINE Drinkers

An app for wine lovers, built by the best Android developers.

Project overview

The Wine Genius app is one of the best guides one will find in order to improve and enhance their knowledge on wine or for wine touring, in Australia. This app is created to offer the best possible support to the wine industry of Australia, while also providing a brilliant and free app to all enthusiasts.


3000+ Wineries

Winery Details

Regional Maps

Touring Advice

  • Get directions from your current location to any winery
  • Get the locations of every winery in the region
  • Get list of attractions on every cellar door, of each winery
  • Find the nearest cellar doors
  • Get the exact distances to every Australian Cellar Doors
  • Create your own touring lists
  • Option to remember your favourite wineries


Final Design

The application made was a pure guide of the wineries, with in depth knowledge for the wine lovers. Since the clients wanted to create a pure wine hub, we gifted them ‘Wine Genius.’

Thank you team, at Space O that is making our dream a reality. There is no way Bryan, Brandon, and I can thank you guys enough. We are very pleased with the work thus far and can not wait to see OUR final product. Cheers mates.Ashton
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