Whenitize is an application with realtime tracking technology, developed by Space-O Technologies, to remove those awkward moments when a friend invites other friends to his/her house and can’t explain the address, perfectly. With WHENitize, one can share the GPS location of the rendezvous and guide the smartphone holder friends to reach the place without anyone getting lost.


The wireframe of this application was a challenge in itself as this app is dynamic not static. It constantly allows the user who shares the GPS Location to track the other friends and their routes, along with the approximate time it will take them to reach the destination. And yet our masters in technology were able to come up with a wireframe that helped in visualizing the app.

Powerful Features

No trips - Tripration!

Planning a trip? Don’t rely on assumptions. Be sure of the roadways and the final destination.

Trip Duration Sharing

Wanna invite your friends in for a party? Don’t let them lingering around trying to find the place by sharing the GPS Location.

Real Time Distance Monitoring

Once your friends have left for the destination, you can constantly keep a tab on their progress.

Multiple Travel Modes

Assimilating the time it takes for one to reach the destined place, this app can calculate it according to the vehicle used.

Passive Mode Support

Keep the app closed and the screen locked. WHENitize will still show important information on the locked screen.

World Class User Experience

WHENitize has been designed to provide the best User Experience while also solving a big travel related issue.

How it works

Whenitize – simple, elegant, functional.
Using the app is easy.

Icon Design

Color Palette

Final Design

The Result - A real time tracking app

When the client came to us, he demanded for an app that could allow a friend to send the GPS location of any destination to multiple friends. Once the friends are on the move, the host can see where the friends have reached and which route are they taking to reach the place decided, using the real time tracking feature. We gave them, ‘WHENitize.’

Hire Space-O! The entire team, especially Ankit, were responsive to our requests, their turnaround time on changes was very fast and they stayed to the budget we had settled on in the beginning. Due to some issues on our end of the project it looked like we might miss a deadline. However, Space-O was able to adjust to our needs and because of their flexibility and hard work ethic we stayed right on schedule. Shakespeare300 was our first app and although we were, at first, very intimidated by the process, the team at Space-O made it a smooth, fun and a very professional process. We are very confident in recommending Space-O for any project!James & Patricia
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