Story Behind App

Featured in The Guardian as the 'Best iPhone App of the Week,’ Walkonomics is all about finding a route, surrounded by greenery and parks, for one to walk on. Insert the place that you are going to start walking from and the destination and choose between the ratio of speed and beauty. Accordingly, this app will show you proper directions for the pleasing walk.

Strategy of App

In this ultimately modernizing world it is difficult to find places where one can actually find a route shaded with the lush of trees and decorated with parks. To make this dream come true, Space-O used the power of GPS. Using the GPS system, this application can help you in seeing and following a route offered out of many.

Branding &

Since the major half of this application is based on the GPS Navigation system, and its power to show a more greener path to walk on. We therefore thought of making a logo that represents walking along with the lines shown on GPS. Using a GPS indicator as the logo, within which a human outline is shown walking, this logo perfectly shows the use of this app.

Color Pallate

Final Design

The Result

In the forest of concrete, our clients wanted to create an app that provides heavenly experience to walkers, by providing them with routes that are covered with trees, bushes, parks and more. Using the power of GPS Navigation system, we gave them ‘Walkanomics.’

Was a really great experience working with your team. Thank you for the hard work and great outcome.Ibrahim Alhemyari
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