A New Approach: Vitness = fitness

Take the guesswork out of your workouts and optimize your exercise.

Vitness’s basic idea was to give its users a fully enabled Heart Rate Monitor, that would alert them during their workouts, especially when they are not in their ideal training zones.

So we made it simple, with a user friendly Bluetooth HR Sensor or a Strap. User could also easily access vitality assessment, Heart Rate Monitor, and Chart function in the app that makes users to use the app comfortably.


Doing a project starts with choosing the right nuts and bolts, ensuring that all the parts are connected so that there are no glitches and give the best user experience. This is an app which user uses it briefly, and so needed utmost UX design that was easy to handle and adjust to their eyes quickly and easy to navigate.


Lose Weight

Tone Up

Maximize Performance

Avoid Burnout

Reduce Stress

Increase Immunity




This app gave us ample opportunity to learn about the Heart Rate Variability with exercise regime. This app was different with enticing designs and features. Vitness Rx’s approach had already made it unique, but with a little attention from our side made it an excellent application.

Your simple and small suggestions have proven to be game changers for my project. They really contributed towards making my product a success.  But what I really liked working with Space-O is that the project manager - Jignesh's high work ethics. He handled my project amazingly well even when he had a medical crisis going on in his family. Overall, I would never think of any other company but Space-O for my future projects.Vishal Parikh
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