About TopIt App

TopIt is a video and image-based competition app that brings a unique concept for people to create competitions on different categories like sports, music, comedy, fashion, gaming, traveling, beauty, cooking, and arts. In this app, the creator of the competition can challenge other app users to participate and win the competition.

Users just need to create their profile and invite and follow their friends, family members, celebrities, rivals and other users of the app. Based on the selected interests and hobbies like music, entertainment, gaming, fashion, sports, beauty, fitness, traveling and humor, challenges and competitions will appear on users’ feed page. Users can select a competition to view, vote on the best, and leave their comments.

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Some of the Key Featuresof TopIt Application


Create Profile

The app allows users to create a profile in the application, following two simple steps. They just need to enter details like username, password, email address, location, and select categories from music, sports, arts, fitness, gaming, food, and other interest.

Create Profile


Daily Feeds

In the feed page, users can see daily new challenges and competitions based on their interests and hobbies. They can like the challenges and leave a comment on any challenge or competition.

Daily Feeds


Social Sharing

Users can directly share any challenge or competition with their friends and family members through Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter and invite them to join the competition.

Social Sharing


Start Challenges

Users can start creating challenges both private and public as per their convenience. In public challenge, they just need to select a category, create a title, invite 1 user and tag friends. Moreover, videos are limited to 30 seconds. In private challenge, the user can invite up to 20 friends, toggle on/off public viewing, voting and commenting. Videos are extended to 1 min.



One-to-one challenge

The app allows users to create any competition and give a one-to-one challenge to any app user, friend or family member. Both users can compete for one-to-one and fight for winning.

One-to-one challenge


(Messaging Option)

There is a chat feature in the app, allowing two users to communicate regarding competition and discuss anything related to challenges.



Updates & Notifications

Users get real-time updates and notifications about the challenges and competitions when someone challenges them. They will also get notified when they get likes and comments on their competitions.


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