Texas Oilfield drivers

designed for hourly oilfield truck drivers

Texas Oilfield Drivers

Texas Oilfield Drivers is an app that is designed especially for the hourly oilfield truck drivers. It helps oilfield drivers in keeping a track of the hours they have worked for in a given week. This app also allows the driver to to keep a track of the tractor, trailer and make a comment in case that needs to be made.


This app was created to make sure that the truck drivers get helped in their day to day payment calculations and cross checking, so that they don’t get cheated. This is a great tool that enables the truck drivers to basically be self dependent.


We created a simple User Interface to make the User Experience better. This wireframe was designed so that the truck drivers get to understand the app very easily.


Using this app the driver can know whether there is a mistake in the net pay, by comparing it.

The push notification feature reminds the driver of checking the app, once he has reached the trucking yard.

The app’s features allow the driver to keep a track of the truck or trailer he drives.

The comment feature allows the driver to ask for the memo of the day, incase it has been missed.


Final Design

The Result

The Texas Oilfield Drivers app, was created in order to make a truck or trailer’s driver’s life easy by providing him everything he needs, at a fingertip. The clients requirement was thus fulfilled and the drivers were helped as well.

I can not stress how great the team is. They've already made 4 apps for my company. Development is spotless, theses guys can do anything, they know what they're talking about! I haven't any of my apps crash, design is surprisingly good. It's really high quality at a competitive price. Also the relationship with the team is great, they speak awesome english, understand everything perfectly, they're available on Skype: if you're hesitating with another company: hire SpaceO!Gabrial Muller
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