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Story Behind TapHelp

Taphelp was created, as a wearable app, for the Apple Watch, in order to make it easy for one to call for help, during any emergency. It was better to create this application for the Apple Watch as well, so that sending for help becomes easy, instead of having to open the smartphone and waste the precious time, that can save your life.

Taphelp sends emergency alerts to friends, family and 911, in case the situation becomes too serious and it requires police interference.


As the system requires security, we have set a passcode system, to make sure only you can enter the app, and others can not misuse the app to mislead the friends, family and the police. It is only after the right passcode has been entered that the app can be used.

Passcode system in Tap Help app

Alert in Emergency

Once the passcode has been feed in and the application is active, a single tap on the icon of Taphelp, will send the emergency message with the GPS location of the device to the friends and family members, whose number you have saved. And three taps will send the message to the 911 as well as the friends and family members.

Alert in Emergency feature for Tap Help

Just Tap When
You Need Help

Correctly named as Taphelp, this app will assist you in any emergency situation, with merely three taps. Whether you are a child, leaving from school and being followed by someone or you are an aged person, home alone, in need of help. In any situation, to anyone; Taphelp, becomes the saviour.


Taphelp app branding

Color Pallete

Taphelp Casestudy
Taphelp app color palatte
TapHelp app color palattes
Tap Help app icon design

Icon Design

Final Design

TapHelp app final design

The Result

The client came to us thinking of providing a solution to the much increasing safety issue of U.S. We inturn gave them; Taphelp.

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