Talking Photo! Mouth + Picture = Crazy Video

Talking Photo! Mouth + Picture = Crazy Video Showcase

Talking Photo! Mouth + Picture = Crazy Video

Create outrageously funny videos for your friends.
Replace the mouth (or face!) of your friends, pets, or celebrities, then record yourself and produce the most unforgettable videos for sharing with friends.
Apply voice effects and music, too!


  • Happy Birthday videos for FaceBook.
  • Add a voice to your pet or stuffed animal.
  • Impersonate your craziest friend.
  • Recreate that night to remember.
  • New baby announcements.
  • Make celebrity crush videos for friends.
  • Holiday greetings.
  • Remind your friends of commitments.
  • Have some fun with that photo of your Ex.
  • Karaoke your fave new song.
  • Poke fun of politicians in the news.
  • Get Internet famous making YouTube vids.


Step 1: Choose a face (friend/pet/celebrity).
Step 2: Cut out the mouth face.
Step 3: Record your movie.
Step 4: Apply voice effects or music.
Step 5: Share with friends (email, FaceBook, etc.).

We included tons of our favorite photos to get you started. And, don’t forget you can download photos from the Internet, import your own or take new photos for unlimited options.


  • Try different voice effects: Chipmunk voice, Demon voice, and Pitch Correction voice
  • Maximize the pitch correction effect, so you sound like your favorite rappers; make sure to sing loudly and badly by cracking your voice.
  • Zoom in or rotate your photos for some fun.
  • Your mouth is just 1 body part that can be used so use your imagination for crazy results.
  • Download Celebrity photos from the Internet.
  • Take photos of your pets and add a voice to “Sparky”.
  • Grab your friends photos from faceBook or ask them to make crazy faces for you.
  • Want to make it look realistic? Match the lighting using sunlight or shade, so your mouth matches the photo.
  • Want more laughs? Chomp your teeth and stick out your tongue.
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