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Space-O Technologies has developed a unique social networking app, named My Circle, enabling people to share photos, videos, audio and note with their close circle of friends only!

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My Circle is the first iOS social networking application that allows people to share their pictures, video, audio and important note with their close friends only. The app users can share all these things in both private and public mode according to their preference. They can also make a journal entry about their experiences in the app.

One of the best features of the My Circle app is that it allows users to create their bucket list that they can share with their friends or keep it private with them. Every year, the app will automatically create life movies on user’s moments that he/she can share with their friends. Even, users can create custom life movie with their favorite music, so they will not forget about special moments and places that they have visited.

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Client’s Requirements

When our client first described her idea and requirements about social networking platform, being experienced social networking developers, we got excited to work on her project. She wanted to develop a social networking app that allows users to add only their close friends and family members.

She described that she needs one such social networking platform, where users can add maximum 15 friends/family members and share their private life moments with them in terms of video, photos, audio and note. Her main mission was to help people to get their privacy through private social networking app, where they can also create their bucket list and keep it as private or public.

Moreover, she wanted to give both options, including private and public mode to app users so that they can keep their shared photos, videos, notes and audios in a private or public mode. Along with a private social networking platform, our client wanted to provide a solution, where users can share their whole day experience once in a day. In short, she wantted the best and private social networking platform for people, allowing them to share the special moments of their life with only their top 15 friends and family members.

Our Proposed Solution

After listening and understanding our client’s idea about social networking app development, one of our sales representatives made a proposal for her requirements and proposed her a solution as My Circle, a social networking mobile application, that allows users to share pictures, videos, audio, experiences with their close friends or family members.

The application also comes with a bucket list section that helps users to keep track of their goals and cross them off as they accomplish them. As our client’s aim was to help people to spend their more time being present and enjoy their time with people who really matters, so we offered her a private social networking application, where people can add up to 15 friends or relatives.

After reading and understanding our proposed solution, she got impressed by us and asked us to start developing this application as soon as possible as it was her dream project.

Exclusive Features of My Circle

iOS Development

As our client wanted to develop My Circle application only on iOS platform, we assigned one of our Sr. iOS app developers, who has more than 5 years of experience in iOS app development. After researching and understanding our client’s requirements, he started developing the application with requisite features.

However, while developing the app, our iPhone developer faced some of the challenges to implement movie of the year module and multiple languages (English & Chinese) support. Eventually, he spent almost 3 months and successfully developed My Circle application using some of the latest tools and technologies.

Client's Testimonial

I am extremely happy that I went with Atit and his team. I was a little weary at first since his team did not have encryption experience, so when I followed up with him after not hearing from him for two days, he had apologized and informed me his team was testing out the encryption before responding to my inquiries. I was fairly impressed. Throughout the project, Atit has been very responsive and e-mailing me back every night if not every other night. It was due to my inexperience that the project finished on time. If I had known the importance of flowcharts and providing every single screen step by step, I believe Atit's team could've finished the project within two to three weeks (I had projected 4-5 weeks). If you'd like to view what his team has done, feel free to check out "Pocket Wallet". Thank you so much Atit!Jenn
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