Chain LLC app design process
App Concept

The Born of Uncommon Social Messaging App
Our client for this app is from Midlothian, Virginia, USA. Before contacting us, he checked our iOS portfolio to make sure we are capable of developing an application for his unique idea.

At the very first time on the call, we realized the client had a clear idea about what exactly he wanted. He was just unsure about one simple question. He asked us, “How much does it cost to develop a social messaging app?” Because he had a fixed budget for this project. Our sales team tried to understand his exact requirements, and suggested him the best solution considering his budget.

He wanted us to develop a group chat app where two different groups can be merged. Of course, it required both admins’ permissions to merge the groups. And, once the groups are merged, their members can discuss openly about any ideas.

Interestingly, there was no one to one chatting option. He wanted only group chat functionality.

The Design

The client wanted a logo which should be self-explanatory. In fact, he sent a wireframe for the whole app idea, so we just needed to make a mock-up.

Comprehending the exact requirement, we assigned one app designer, who has 5+ years of experience in mobile app design and mock-up creation. He designed a logo, which seems like a part of the Chain, in Adobe Illustrator. The logo signifies that it connects the people.

In the recent feed design part, our designer took an idea from the Facebook feed. Throughout the app, we used only 1 brand color.

To receive run-time suggestions, we used to send designs through the Basecamp. That helped us to be on the same page.

In the app, we designed a native tab bar same as iPhone to make it user-friendly.

Chain LLC app typography

Open sans

Chain LLC app color palattes

Din Bold
DIN Regular

COLOR Pallete




Icon Design
Chain LLC app banner
Chain LLC app wireframing

For the design part, we used

  • DIN font
  • Adobe Illustrator to make a vector logo
  • Photoshop CC 2016/17 to make a mock-up
App Development

The Single Problem Faced by our iOS Developer

We assigned only one iOS developer for this project. But, we made sure he possesses enough experience to build this iOS application, because this client was working with us for the very first time, and we didn’t want to disappoint him at any stage. So we assigned an experienced developer who has 3+ years of experience in iOS app development.

The developer, throughout this project, faced only 1 issue while developing this app. He faced a problem with QuickBlox,a chat framework socket, as he never used it before. Based on the data, QuickBlox is already powering over 25k+ applications.

Though QuickBlox was totally new for our developer, he successfully created this app as per client’s requirements.

Development time: 1 and Half Month
Framework for group messaging: QuickBlox

Technologies We Have Used

Swift programming language icon

Swift 2.2

Xcode icon

Xcode 7.3.1

Quickblox framework for chat

framework for chat

Top Features of Chain Messaging App

  • Group merge
  • Discussion room
  • General board
  • Repo system
  • Unique map-like structure
Add participant feature in Chain LLC app
Out come
Chain LLC app final outcome
Client’s Testimonial

Words From Our Happy Clients

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