What was Client’s Idea and Requirement?

A client asked us to develop a photo and video category application for iOS platform. He shared his idea with us and explained his complete requirements.

He said that he was looking for one such application that allows users to discover what’s hiding in the shadows and highlights. A very clear vision about his project, he said that he wanted to have a simple interface that make it easy for users to shoot with their phone or tablet.

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About the Slidecam Application

Slidecam is the custom iOS camera application that comes with enormous features, including photo and video capturing, mix background audio with video quality, sleek horizontal navigation system and many more.

The application has unique multifunction shutter button that will inspire users to discover what’s hiding in the shadows and highlights. Users of this app can adjust exposure levels and capture the moment with one button. It has powerful interface that makes it easy for shooting with their phone or tablet something they will look forward to.

Advanced Features of the App

  • Automatic tap-to-shoot
  • Pre-focus & Long Press Shutter button to lock exposure + focus
  • Slide Shutter Button up/down to Adjust Exposure
  • Exposure Lock & Flick Shutter Button Left to Lock Exposure

Advanced Features of the App

  • Pinch-to-zoom
  • Focus point locking
  • Camera roll (flick left to access)
  • Flash On, Off, Auto, Continuous
  • Selfie Flash
  • Front/Back Camera Selection
  • Sharing

How to Setup and Reskin?

The set-up of this application is extremely easy. All you need to do is unzip the file and run the application on your device. The code is provided and comments that are in place where required. As it is a beginning point for your next application, there is not much set-up that required to do.

Technologies Used By Us

Xcode as IDE Objective C language


‘ I can not stress how great the team is. They’ve already made 4 apps for my company. Development is spotless, theses guys can do anything, they know what they’re talking about! I haven’t any of my apps crash, design is surprisingly good. It’s really high quality at a competitive price. Also the relationship with the team is great, they speak awesome english, understand everything perfectly, they’re available on Skype: if you’re hesitating with another company: hire SpaceO! ’Gabrial Muller
Great company to work with and would recommend them to any Elance user. Good technical skills and account management. They also came up with innovative and creative ways to solve solutions.Lawrence
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