Color Matters - Because the Peace of Mind is the Ultimate Goal

Analyzing the current trends and health issues related to stress, our client decided to make a sketch app which can be used by both adults and kids. Apart from soothing stress, this application also ignites the artistic creativity in the children with the background music. Who knows what gives us our next Pablo Picasso?

When We Came into the Picture

It was unusual. Most of the time, we start our app development from the ground. But, that was not the case for Color Matters. Because our client had already launched the first version of the paint app with the help of other developers. And even after spending a good amount of money, he was unsatisfied with the UI/UX part.

He knew something was missing from this art app. The truth is, he had a clear vision of his idea. He knew this can be a popular app for kids and adults in the Book category. So he contacted us. He wanted to see what can we do to improve its overall presence on the App Store.

Dice in Our Hand

Now, our first concern was to totally comprehend the existing code. And second, the changes we need to implement to make the existing app user-friendly.

We set up a team to analyze the whole scenario, a team which includes experienced developers and designers. They analyzed the whole app, its backend, code structure, and UI/UX. After that, they created a document which suggests major changes that can improve the popularity of this painting app. We sent it to the client, and he took no time to approve it. And the development started.

app development resources

Time and Resources

Android and iOS development took around 3 months. We managed 1 dedicated Android developer and 1 dedicated iOS developer for this sketch app. And during the development process, related to UI/UX changes, 1 UI/UX designer was allocated to the team.

Overview of the Color Matters

Color Matters is the 4.3+ rated coloring book app for adults. It’s new, trending way to relax and unwind your day. Using this painting application, you can paint beautiful artwork of animals, architectures, patterns, florals/gardens, famous paintings, icons, and fun doodles. Color Matters has some really interesting features.

The Birth of Infinite Artwork

Using this application, users have designed some stunning artworks. Look it closely. How beautiful and how precise it is!
That shows the pixel-perfect design.

Artwork in Color Matters app
artwork in Color Matters app
artwork in Color Matters app
artwork in Color Matters app
Artwork of ColorMatters app
Artwork of ColorMatters app

Font & Colors

Color Matters app typography
Color Matters app Color palattes
Color Matters app icon design
Artwork image banner

Android Development

To develop an Android app, we assigned 1 dedicated Android app developer, who has 4+ years of app development experience. It took him around 3 months to develop this application because first, he needs to understand the existing code, and second, he needs to modify it precisely so that it doesn’t impact overall structure. And more on that, some of its feature, like Pearl and Gradient color scheme required R&D.

Technologies used to develop Android version of Color Matters

  • Android SDK
  • Java 1.6
  • Android Studio(IDE)

Third-party libraries/SDK used to develop Color Matters

  • Firebase Analytics
  • Facebook(Login & Analytics)
  • Google Ads, Chartboost Ads
  • Glide(Image Loading)
  • OkHttp3(Networking call)
  • Databinding
Android app development of Color Matters
iOS app development team

iOS Development

To develop an iOS app, we assigned 1 dedicated iOS app developer, who has 3+ years of app development experience. Same as an Android app, it took him around 3 months to develop this application. He faced the same issues - first, comprehending the existing code, and modifying it according to the requirements.

Technologies used to develop iOS version of Color Matters

  • Xcode Version 8.3
  • iOS Swift 3.0

The Efforts Echoed

  • The subscription has increased by 25 times after the design and
  • development changes
  • 1,00,000+ users
  • Secured a place in Top 200 Book apps in the USA
  • Rated 4.3/5 based on 309+ reviews

Application Design

App design of Color Matters

Reviews on App Store

Fine App 5 star
by Pvtb1951

Love to color with this app. Only wish there was no such thing as subscriptions. Why can't we just buy the app outright & get the updates as before.
Technically, the public is getting ripped off - as are the artists who draw the pictures.
To the editor: your response has nothing to do with what I stated. My Suggestion: pay your artists better & charge a one-time fee for the app, then maybe 1.99 for an update of pictures. NOT fir bugs in the app itself.
Again, my review has nothing to do with the quality of the ap pictures, just the cost you are charging. However, since you seem to want a quality review, here goes: the art work is ok mostly, but there is a tendency to put too much detail into the pictures. It makes the art work seem childish & cluttered. The content of the picture is varied, but generally uninteresting.

Edited Review 4 star rating icon
by Flood118

So I got the app to open by clearing my open apps.
I love the music and the coloring pages but it does have limitations with the colors. And I don't like how the color chart (color choices) at the bottom takes up about a third of the screen. That makes it difficult to zoom in on or move the image around, especially at the bottom of the image.

Truly love the way this app has matured! 5 star
by vsguidroz

This app has grown and matured into one of my favourite coloring apps. I am very satisfied with it. The only suggestion I have is fantasy pictures, like fairies and mystical creatures and the like. I absolutely love to color those types of pictures!

Words From Our Happy Clients

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