Sex Myths & Magic – Test Yourself

Sex Myths & Magic – Test Yourself Showcase

Sex Myths & Magic – Test Yourself

Sex is such a subject, which is not discussed in general. Hence, most of the people have their own believes, which are mostly wrong.

Different Surveys taken across the world suggest that almost the majority of people have wrong belief and thoughts about sex and sex related matters.

To avoid serious situations and to get that “X-thing” in your life, download this app to get educated and take your sex life safely to the desired level (sky) without fear.


  • No Internet connectivity required.
  • Two modes: Study / Test.
  • You can turn Negative markings ON/OFF from settings.
  • You can set the test/study mode timings, e.g. 10m,15m,20m…..upto 45m.
  • Sound ON/OFF option.
  • You can also choose the question style, i.e. Sequential or Random.
  • During test, you can skip questions and answer them at the end of test by marking them for review.
  • You can review questions at the end of test against your answers.
  • Top 5 scores will be presented.
  • Graphical representation of top 5 scores.

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I had a good time working with Space-O. They impressed me initially with the interface designs and followed through with constant communication and robust programming. Would work with Space-O again. If I could hope for anything more, it would be to have the project completed sooner. Thanks again!Matthew Bell
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