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RRP Renovate

Regulators can shut your project down and fine you if you don’t have the record keeping requirements for your job. Conformé LLC, provides the tool for contractors and business owners to streamline and simplify compliance requirements with the EPA for RRP projects.

Conformé LLC has created the compliance App every contractor should have. Easy to download, user friendly, and reasonably priced. Every contractor using these apps finds it’s much easier to keep the required paperwork organized.


  • Zoom features.
  • Resource for EPA and OSHA regulations.
  • Captures documentation for projects into single final document; captures certificate numbers of RRP contractors; EPA states only.
  • Guides contractors through prep, testing, containment, work flow and clean up.
  • Tracks interior and exterior renovation process.
  • Captures photos as documentation.
  • Provides ongoing updates to the changes in Federal RRP and OSHA regulations.
  • Provides ability to email documentation.
  • Backup/archives individual jobs complete with details and final reports.
  • Links to informative EPA & OSHA websites.
Available in Android market

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"No task is too small! This project was a dream of mine and I couldn’t have brought it to life without Space-O‘s assistance. This is the fourth app that we have created together and each one has been a great success. Anytime I have a problem, they are always right there on top of it to provide the best solution. I have already turned a profit on the first app we have created which stands as the #1 education app in its class. I can’t say enough as to how thankful I am to stumble across them. I will definitely come back for more projects as soon as another golden idea pops up. ? Thanks again Space-O!"Michael Cameron
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