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Redneck Trailer

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★ App Store “New & Noteworthy” 10/2012 ★

Are you a Redneck? Heck you can be now – Redneck will allow you to transform your favorite photos into looking like your mother and father looking like cousins.

If you are one of them too – gooders and have too much class to be a redneck, then heck get the app and have fun making your friends look like their parents met at a family reunion!

Feature Listing:

  • Get the feel of new RedNeck style by moving, rotating, correcting & removing it.
  • More then 225+ different objects.
  • Easy to use grid control introduced to adjust Mullet, Mustaches, and Sideburns selected.
  • See your look with before & after preview.
  • Selection for Mullet, Mustaches & Sideburns.
  • Multiple objects are placed on image at same time.
  • Remove unwanted, unadjusted things from Images using Eraser functionality.
  • Check multiple Image effects with different colors.
  • Share your new RedNeck style with your friends & family via FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and Email.

Get your own style now!

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"No task is too small! This project was a dream of mine and I couldn’t have brought it to life without Space-O‘s assistance. This is the fourth app that we have created together and each one has been a great success. Anytime I have a problem, they are always right there on top of it to provide the best solution. I have already turned a profit on the first app we have created which stands as the #1 education app in its class. I can’t say enough as to how thankful I am to stumble across them. I will definitely come back for more projects as soon as another golden idea pops up. ? Thanks again Space-O!"Michael Cameron
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