Rakesh Patel’s Personal Weblog

Rakesh Patel’s Personal Weblog Showcase

Rakesh Patel’s Personal Weblog

This is the personal weblog for Rakesh Patel, CEO of Space-O. He is known as an ‘execution guy’ and wanted to share his insights about everything he does, primarily, the knowledge he gathers by following mobile industry updates.

Space-O WordPress developers utilized a child theme and changed its styling to meet the needs.

This weblog is built using Genesis framework. It is mobile responsive and adjusts itself according to the screen size it is being viewed: PC, laptop, Tablet or mobile.

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Thank you team, at Space O that is making our dream a reality. There is no way Bryan, Brandon, and I can thank you guys enough. We are very pleased with the work thus far and can not wait to see OUR final product. Cheers mates.Ashton
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