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ProTrack Guides was started with three simple goals in mind: to make a practice or a race safer, faster and better for riders and drivers of all skill levels.

Think back to the first time you got on a track.

How much information did you have?

Did you know where the apex and the braking zone were for each corner?

More importantly, did you have the information to set up the proper reference point sequence to make you faster and safer?

The bottom line is: did you have a plan?

With our detailed Turn by Turn analysis of your favorite track, we will provide you with the proper foundation in order to prepare you for your track day experience or an upcoming race.

Break down each corner into its most basic components like:

  • Corner type and strategy needed.
  • Key reference points.
  • Braking zones, etc.

You can now properly set your braking points, turn in points and highlight any key track markers that help you set up the sequence of reference points required for a proper race line.

Features Include:

  • Detailed Turn by Turn graphical representation of the race track in full color.
  • Built in drawing tools to be able to “chalk talk” a particular turn with your coach.
  • Share you turn strategy drawings with friends on FaceBook or Twitter for more feedback.
  • POV HD video of each turn and full a track lap.
  • Detailed note taking for Corner Type, Corner Strategy, Reference Points, Gear, etc.
  • Allows recording all your settings for each track for multiple Vehicle Setups.
  • Easy Backup and Restore of ALL your data.


  • Having quickly understood understand the race track, you are about to ride/drive on.
  • Prepare for your session to insure safety and confidence.
  • Get into the right “mindset” and increase “focus” for the race.
  • Improve your skills and lower your lap times.
  • Easy access mobile application for multiple tracks…no bulky books to carry.
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