Private Life Texting (Free Reader Edition) – Secret SMS messages

Private Life Texting (Free Reader Edition) – Secret SMS messages Showcase

Private Life Texting (Free Reader Edition) – Secret SMS messages

Receive secure SMS messages with this FREE version.
Upgrade to the FULL VERSION, so you can reply or send your own private messages.

Today, anyone with access to your device can view your entire message history. They can see every TEXT message you have sent and received.

Download HIDE MY TEXT and add privacy to prevent people from snooping through your text message history.

Find out WHO tried to see your private texts. See a picture of their face, and where they were when tried to get access to your private texts.


  • Just click on the message – and the app will automatically launch and begin decoding the message.


  • Download the secret app & send unlimited messages!
  • The app does not charge any additional fees. You only pay your regular carrier charges to send regular SMS/Text messages.


  • Runs on iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.
  • Works with SMS and iMessage.
  • Works with Emoji.
  • Works with Group Messaging.
Available on theApp Store

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