PinsnPosts is an app created to found a community of people who live nearby. It allows a free sharing of posts on food, locations, (parks, malls etc.) and others, that connects that the people who live in a locality to one another.

About Pinspost app

Concept & Branding

The logo or the icon of the app was designed to look like a ‘post-it’ to make it look like the feed ins that everyone in the chosen locality keep on posting on the app ‘PinsnPosts.’


While making these apps, we generally believe in making the wireframe aka prototypes of all the screens of the apps, to make sure we and the client know what the app and its navigation flow looks like. With PinsnPosts as well we followed the same pattern to make a flawless app.

Pinspost app wireframe

How it Works

Stay informed about your locations

Location based feed in Pinspost app


By selecting any location, get all the feeds that the locality or neighbours are filling in from that location and about that location.

Change Neighborhood feature in Pinspost


This app allows you to change your ‘circle of interest’ dynamically, using the map slider.

Create Posts and Pin about incidents in Pinspost app

Create Posts and Pin

Create posts about crime incidents, parks, local incidents and others, related to the locality of your interest, or follow people from your locality to get the the news feed.

push notification feature in Pinspost app


The app will share push notifications for all the posts shared as a part of your locality.

mark locations in Pinspost app


If you are going out of your locality, then it is possible for you to mark some other locality as a ‘tourist location’ to get the feeds.

Security Feature of Pinspost app


The laws of privacy are strictly abided with, so that your presence or personal information remains secure.

Final Design

PinsnPosts app final design

The Result

The client wanted to create an app that basically could create a locality based community so that people of that locality can share their views on the location at hand. We developed ‘PinsnPosts.’

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